Thursday, July 3, 2014

Authors After Dark 2014

LOCATION:  The Westin, Charlotte, North Carolina.  

DATES:  August 6-10, 2014.

It's been 4 years, but I'm finally returning to Authors After Dark.  Hands down, my favorite Reader-Author Con.  Hands down, the most multi-faceted, interactive and fun Con, ever.  REGISTER HERE!

Get excited! --- In addition to signing copies of all my print books, I'll be hosting THREE incredible events.  Check out the breakdown!

Wednesday, August 6  -  8:00 - 9:00 p.m. in "Sharon"   


DONATION ~ $15 - $20 sliding fee scale.

I will be discussing the power of Angels, and delivering spontaneous messages to members of the audience.

Please note!  Gallery events are a "wild-card" experience!  Angels, spirits (ghosts) may show up, and typically my Intuition is on fire.  Participants may raise their hand, and request a message.

ABOUT MY READINGS:  I work exclusively with Angels and Intuition.  No cards or tools are used.  In the room that night, it will be just you, me, the Angels, my Intuition, and whatever spirits (ghosts) show up.

Get a sense of my style by watching an episode of my show, The Angel Diaries, HERE.

Join this event for a $15 donation.

Join this event for a $20 donation.
PLEASE NOTE!  Private, 30 minute readings are available at my Author Table, throughout AAD.  My readings are not for the faint of heart; in partnership with the Angels, I cut straight to the heart of the matter, uncovering truths and insights that are vital for your life.  Intuitive Angel Readings are game-changers, inspiring, revealing, motivational, healing, empowering.  Since I began working with the Angels, my life and the life of my clients, has changed exponentially!

Book a private ahead of time, or "walk up" at my Author's Table, to schedule.
You may secure your reading before arrival, by clicking below.

Private 30 Minute Reading:

Thursday, August 7  -  10:00 - 11:00 p.m. in "Sharon"    



Complimentary Sangria and Vino Bianco.

DETAILS:  Everyone is born with the ability to be Intuitive; we are biologically and spiritually hardwired for it.

Developing your Intuition changes your life! Come learn how this powerful tool can be your game-changer.

Let me help you become more Intuitive.  There are reliable ways you can ignite your Intuition.  The pros use specific methods to develop and ignite their Intuitive ability; I'm here to share these secrets with you.  Everyone in attendance will leave knowing exactly how to tap into their Intuition.

FREE Tastings All Weekend!

FREE TASTINGS AT MY AUTHOR'S TABLE, ALL WEEKEND!   Be sure to stop by my Author's Table at AAD; I'll be sharing samples of a few dishes featured in my NEW COOKBOOK, Sexy, Healthy, Food!

This food is different!  This is the food I eat to stay keep my health, energy, and metabolism on track.  No flavor sacrificed!  This food is so healthy, so delicious, so gorgeous to look at, that it's sexy!

You may pick up a SIGNED PRINT COPY of Sexy, Healthy, Food, hot off the presses, at AAD!

Join me for a FILM SHOOT!

Friday, August 8  -   9:00 - 10:00 p.m. in "Independence"

Join me as part of the audience, while we film the next episode of my web show, The Angel Diaries.  One person will be selected (via contest) to receive an Intuitive Angel Reading.

WARNING:  It has been my experience that those in the proximity of our film shoots, often have a supernatural experience.  You may experience instances of Intuition, deja vu, spiritual or Angelic encounters.   I will be available for Questions and Answers, after the film shoot.

ENTER THE CONTEST TO WIN A FREE READING & APPEAR ON THE SHOW, BY COMMENTING THIS POST, or by EMAILING, HERE.  Simply by commenting this post or emailing, you are entered into the drawing.

IMPORTANT:  One winner will be notified by email, one week prior to AAD.  The announcement will also be made on all my social media sites, and on the AAD Author FB page.  If within 48 hours, that winner does not confirm their appearance on the show, another winner will be drawn at random.

View an episode of The Angel Diaries, below.

See you at Authors After Dark!


J.A. Howell said...

Definitely interested and will be at AAD!
jenniferhowlz at gmail dot com

Lynde Shaw said...

Sounds interesting! Why not?

Christine Villano said...

I would definitely like a chance for an angel reading . Thank you

Lucy Lit said...

Would love to participate! Sounds very cool.

rosebud said...

I don't think I've EVER wanted something as much as I want you to consider me for this. Life is not exclusive to the five senses and being exposed to more is a deep deep desire for me.
I'll be attending your reading regardless and am excited that you are going to share your gift.

Louisa Bacio said...

I know I come with "voices!" Can't wait to take part in some of your events!

Louisa @

nat2am said...

I would love to participate. Can't wait to meet you at AAD

Shelly Small

Nikki McCarver said...

This sounds amazing!! Please enter me in the contest!!

Mina Khan said...

Totally intrigued! And I'll be at AAD...looking forward to meeting you!

T. Lynne Tolles said...

How fascinating! Can't wait to see this!

ParaGoddess Press said...


Honey, please email me at so we can set up details for you to appear on the show.

If I don't hear from you by Friday early evening, August 1, I'll choose another winner.

Looking forward to this! And THANK YOU so much to everyone who commented this post! I'll be contacting you to invite you to the filming.

xoxo JoLynne Valerie

rosebud said...

Thank you Jo Lynne Valerie.
I am so looking forward to meeting you.