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TWO Exciting ParaGoddess Events! & ONE Special Opportunity...

Thursday, January 30, 2014
7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m., EST

LIVE!  In the Chat Room on


Come join me for this wonderful 90-minute, empowering and inspiring event.  Let me help you expand, fortify and energize your life!  


** Casual Conversation ~  Let's talk casually, as women.  Let's talk about the areas of our lives that we struggle with, and how we can strengthen those areas.

** Question and Answer Portion ~  Ask ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you've always wondered or wanted to know about the Supernatural, Paranormal realities, Angels, Intuition, author-life, goddess-life.  I'll also answer personal questions.


** EMPOWERING & ENLIGHTENING INSIGHT into the most prolific heroines featured in each ParaGoddess novel.  What can we learn from these heroines?  How do their experiences, lessons and strengths, empower OUR LIVES?  What inspiration can we take from these unforgettable, compelling women??  The heroines include:

Holly from Phoenix Rising 
{ Holly is an eccentric artist who's never been married, or raised a family.  Just when she's given up on finding love and having children of her own (she feels she is too old, and has lost hope…), Divine Destiny intervenes in her life.  Things Holly has only seen in dreams, begin to happen in real life…  And when she needs it most, spiritual mentor arrives at the right time, further empowering and lending hope, to Holly. }

Kasia from Strange Love 
{ Kasia is a young, spirited, sassy college student whose mind is on her career and finding a way she can make a difference in the world.  That is, until she meets the man of her dreams (when she wasn't even looking for him… fancy that!).  Meeting Lucas Alvarez changes Kasia's life in more ways than she could have imagined.   Lucas' secret supernatural lineage opens up a whole other world to Kasia---one she never dreamed could be real.  Just when Kasia begins to question the reality of life, a secret about her own supernatural abilities, comes to light… bonding the couple even more, and catapulting them into a mysterious but intriguing future. }

Cami and Kristle from Give Me A Reason 
{ Cami has rejected the popular belief that after the demise of her singing career and descent into drug addiction, she'll never make anything of her life.  The "industry" says she's too old and washed up; Holly knows the right intentions and actions, combined with faith, can make anything happen.  But she's about to learn even more---about the realities of intuitive gifts and the presence of both good and evil spirits---when she meets a struggling young woman named Kristle.

Kristle has been intuitive her whole life, but only now are her gifts truly expanding.  Kristle sees visions, knows things about people, and senses when spirits and entities are near.  Kristle most definitely has gifts.  What Kristle doesn't have, is a positive female role model, any kind of support system, or a man who could possibly understand and accept her.  All that's about to change when she meets Cami and one of Cami's friends---a handsome young man who also happens to be lead investigator of a Paranormal Investigations Team. }

Madison from House On The Hill
{ Madison's career has taken off.  She's been dubbed Star Attorney at her firm, and has gained the favor of said firm's CEO, due to her no-losses record in court.  All that success is good both for Madison's career, and for her mind… it keeps her distracted from the dysfunctional family she's worked hard to cut ties with.  She tells herself she's made peace with her past, but memories of the mental illness and alcoholism she grew up with, are never far away.  One day, Madison is thrown a wild card… one that will change her life, forever.  When her firm's CEO suddenly dies, Madison inherits the man's family home---a haunted victorian mansion.  Who is the mansion haunted by??  Madison will soon find out… as the spirit is bent on communicating with her.  Little does Madison know her communications with the spirit, will lead to solving her family's most terrible, well-hidden secret. }


Each participant will receive ONE ParaGoddess Novel.  Choose either a SIGNED PRINT BOOK, or an eBook.  *Print books available to U.S. residents, only.  Ebooks available to all my international friends!


$5.00  ~  Attend, enjoy and participate in the conversations, without a book.
$15.00  ~  Attend, enjoy and participate in all conversations and receive the book of your choice, in the format of your choice.

REGISTRATION OPEN NOW.   I hope to see many of my friends at this special, empowering, exciting event!  Come share an evening with me, ladies… we need and deserve a LADIES NIGHT!


Thursday, February 13, 2014 
First night of the Full Moon
7:00 - 9:00 p.m., EST

Come hear what the Angels have to say to YOU.  Come receive a blessing for health, prosperity, harmony, joy, love and inspiration over YOUR LIFE.

My friends, it will be my humble and sublime honor to meet you in the chat room on my website, for this inspired, spiritual event.

1.  A personal Intuitive Angel Reading.
2.  A personal blessing that is tailored to your specific circumstances.

Communicate the areas of most concern, in their lives.  Speak about what you're struggling with, what your hopes, dreams, desires, and challenges are.  Each person will receive assistance to clearly identify ways to heal, empower, strengthen and electrify their life!

** Come prepared to take notes---Angel Readings are fast, highly energized and unique for each individual!  You'll want to remember everything that was said; be prepared with pen and paper.

** Get ready to be empowered and inspired---you will leave this event without feeling they have been personally touched by Spirit, and are now ready to embrace and create your best life!

EVENT FEE:  $10.00 per person.  
REGISTRATION GRANTED on a first come, first registered basis.


Join my movement for spreading positive energy, generosity, abundance and gratitude! 

  1.  SIGN YOUR NAME to this post in a comment, to participate!  
2.  Email me at to solidify your commitment to participate.

By participating, you will be agreeing to send a hand-written note or small gift valued at no more than $5 to a stranger.  I will pair up individuals, and connect you both via email, so you can privately arrange your gift-exchange.

Who doesn't enjoy a surprise in the mail?  Who couldn't use a little sunshine in their mailbox?  What person doesn't enjoy giving to others, celebrating abundance, and in the process, generating gratitude and more prosperity?!

Join my PAY IT FORWARD 2014 movement!  Get involved and impact someone you've never met!

EVENT ENDS:  Wednesday, February 12.

xoxo  #ParaGoddess 


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