Saturday, November 2, 2013

People of the Light

We are clothed in strength.  Life has brought trials, and it has brought us lessons; we've learned from those experiences. We have adapated, and we've survived...

We are clothed in passion. This life is for living... and we are determined to LIVE. We were made for loving---this we know. So we give love freely, and absorb all love with a hunger... We live, and we love, with passion...

We are clothed in honor and dignity
. Despite the trials that've come our way, we refuse to walk any road but the High Road. Ours is the cup of authenticity... and loyalty. Ours is the path of character... and integrity. Our word is bond, and our heart is true.

BECAUSE OF WHO AND WHAT WE ARE... we live... love, and laugh... without fear of the future. This day is ours; we will live it freely and fully.

And when we enter a room... *oh my, when we enter a room*... 
That room is changed.

We are the People of the Light.

Are you one of us?

From my heart to yours... 

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