Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wonder Woman {Halloween Party 2013}

★  As a little girl, I loved the television show Wonder Woman.  I was utterly fascinated with her; I loved everything about her... her obscure origin, her divinely given qualities and super powers, the fact that she was a brunette. *wink* Perhaps most of all, I loved what she did, and what she stood for.  Wonder Woman was all about truth and justice.  All about righting wrongs, ensuring what was fair took place, and coming to the aid of people who needed her.  And she had the coolest gear!  C'mon, that invisible plane, bullet proof bracelets, and golden lasso of truth---awesome!

This year, quite spontaneously, I decided to be Wonder Woman for a little Halloween party we threw at the lakehouse.  Of course, my husband was Superman.  Dressing up as this character inspired me to dig up some fun facts about Wonder Woman... stuff you may not know.  Read on. :)

1.  The character of Wonder Woman was created by William Marston, the creator of the polygraph.

2.  Marsten wanted to create a femme fatale heroine with all the powers of Superman, but the allure of a good and beautiful woman.

3.  In the series, baby Wonder Woman was gifted with qualities by the gods: as beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, stronger than Hercules, and swifter than Mercury.

4.  Not only was she a skilled martial artist, acrobat, combat fighter and athlete, Wonder Woman was an unparalleled strategist.

5.  She was sent from her obscure home in the Amazon to "Man's World" to return a downed military officer, and to fight evil.

And now... some pics of me this Halloween, as Wonder Woman.  Warning: these are selfies, so they're not the best! ;)

I watched a makeup tutorial and shopped for
the ideal Wonder Woman makeup: red, gold and blue.
Under eyeliner was electric blue glitter; eyelids were 
metallic gold, under-eye rhinestones were gold and blue.

Ah yes, the obligatory bathroom selfie. :)
I had to assemble my costume, and referred to pictures online frequently, for inspiration and accuracy.  My corsette and head piece came from different stores.  My golden hot pants came from another store still, and my boots came from a costuming boutique.

The heels on these boots were high!  
My husband is 6', and I actually
didn't feel dwarfed next to him. :)
Huge thanks to Jon too, for 
applying the gold stripe down the front,
a la Wonder Woman style!

Absolutely one of the most fun costumes I've ever worn!
I really enjoyed being this super heroine. :)

And of course... every Wonder Woman needs her Superman.


xoxo  #ParaGoddess 


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