Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Shape of Things ~

The Day of Love is nearly upon us, and I'm thinking of chance encounters, Divinely orchestrated meetings, savory home cooked meals taken by two, from one plate, in bed.

I'm thinking of human call-respose, the Holy Spirit masked as Destiny, weaving itself into our consciousness and then our lives, unnoticed, until suddenly, we find ourselves in an unlikely place, at an unlikely time, gazing into an unlikely pair of eyes.  I am thinking of the kind of love that lasts and what it might look like when it begins.

To that end, I am sporting poppy-red lips and super-shiny pink nails for the season, and I am thinking about the way I wrote Lucas and Kasia.  Won't you allow me to introduce you?  I'd be so very pleased...  Beginning now through the ultimate Day of Love (V-Day), I'll be featuring excerpts from the story of couple-of-the-century, star-crossed lovers, Lucas and Kasia from Strange Love.

♥ #ParaGoddess

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