Monday, November 1, 2010

Well hello, November...

It's over.  And I know it by more than the calendar date.  October slipped by more quickly than it ever has.  A friend suggested it's because we're getting older and time always seems to go by fast as we advance through the years.  I don't agree.  For me, it was far more complex than that.

The crazy, magical October vibe I await all year and normally drink in with insatiable thirst, passed by me almost entirely because I was engaged in pursuits that drew me away.  True, I decked out my ParaGoddess abode as I normally do, and the cauldron was filled to the max for last night's trick-or-treaters.  But my usual trio of farm markets did not see me this year, and I didn't endure the bumps and jostling of one hayride.

This year's Halloween costume.  I'd already dressed to the nines as a Witch - twice - for public events on my ParaGoddess2010 Book Tour.  Come Samhain night, I needed something sultry.

I had a late nite radio interview with friends Stefan Pinto and Candi Fox. They'd seen my costume and commented on the fact that it looked like velvet lingerie.

I didn't hesitate to admit that *yes* my costume is in fact lingerie, and *yes* of course I bought it from a store for strippers.  (So what?!)

I was busy holding myself together after several months of hardcore writing, promoting and touring.  I was indulging in the kind of recreational activities that are good for generating fun memories but don't require a lot of work or thinking.

ParaGoddess needed to tune out for a bit... in order to re-attune with herself.  I know what comes next.  Soon... winter.  And then, with the Autumnal season of introspection and balance behind us, it'll be time for deep work and the inevitable Dark Night of the Soul that comes for most of us each year.  We can't escape that (and why would we want to?).  The seasonal tides are bigger than any of us; our bodies are calibrated to respond.

So I may have been able to duck out of a farm market or hayride (*eh hem* in order to achieve the balance that comes down with the Autumnal Equinox on September 21-22) but I won't be escaping what comes next.  In fact, I know the tuning out I did in October was in preparation for the nitty gritty work this winter will bring.  That's okay.  I'm down with that.  How about you?

P.S.  We did do the Halloween thing... see?

The day I picked up these pumpkins, I realized that A. I needed a cart to carry them and B. 9West heels wouldn't pair well with the damp grass.  So I went barefoot out to the field and got my damn pumpkins! See?  Aren't those the cutest shoes?! :)

Baby gurl was the cutest baby EVA!  What you can't tell is, she's wearing feety pajamas.  So cute! :)

I stocked the cauldron as I do every year... with plenty of candy and trinkets to suit every palate.  

ParaProducer hung with me in the kitchen the entire night, and did his share of answering the door for trick-or-treaters.  Then he escaped to watch the most recent episode of Supernatural - again.  Love that boy. 

Now the entire Para household is ready for the next seasonal tide.  The Halloween decorations will get packed away; just pumpkins, gourds and mums will remain as I prepare for my annual Thanksgiving feast.  I'm already gathering ingredients to make my favorite cinnamon and orange potpourri, and laying in an ample supply of fire-wood.  Sending you Moonbeams and Luv, baby...



Nadia said...

Your blogs are always so richly textured, multi-faceted, and even when seemingly about mundane experiences, ALWAYS share your deeper self, and inspire me to go deeper, work harder, and passionately live my truth!
Thank you!

April/Psy said...

and on the wheel of the year turns. Has definitely been and interesting one for me, and I hope to continue my learning and going deeper during the winter.
Thank you for the many hours of joy you provide, and the help you give so freely...
Now did I hear mention of a cinnamon Orange potpouri...?
Luv ya...

Ann said...

These are my favorite blogs of all, when you show us more of who you are. Your home and family are just beautiful Jo Lynne. Your Samhain was most likely exactly as it needed to be. xoxoAnnie

Stacey said...

Gorgeous costume! And yes baby girl looked adorable. Wow does she look like her mama! Then again so does your Para Producer. All in all very insightful blog. Thanks for this post!

Ken Swenson said...

Halloween was kinda weird here, people actually came to the downstairs door (I live in a 2 story walk-up)but my neighbor Mike was a bit faster down the stairs so he did door duty.
next up Thanksgiving and Christmas with my stepson, his wife and the three grand-kids...can you say toy carnage... ;)
But the Fall is always a time of Reflection beforre the velvet of Winter envelops and enraptures us, and we wait for Earth and Spring...