Friday, November 5, 2010

ParaGoddess 1 Week Revolution ☆ NOVEMBER 6-13 ☆

During the week of November 6 through the 13, we are going to change our lives.  Visibly.  Significantly.  Exponentially.  You are formally invited, and highly encouraged to join me in the 2nd ParaGoddess One Week Revolution.

I've been applying specific beliefs and practices for years now, to create the lifestyle, career and life experience I most desire.  I pass these beliefs and practices on to readers and fans constantly - in the stories I write, the workshops I teach, on my blogs, posts and in my monthly ParaGoddess Podcasts.

Fitness, diet and nutrition, spirituality, sexuality, balance and positive energy improve all areas of life and help to create a more fulfilled, vibrant life experience.  Giving attention and intention to those areas makes us feel alive, aligned and authentic.  That's a fierce state of being!  

Let's commit to improving our lives by committing to ONE WEEK of sustained action.  Join me for a 1 Week ParaGoddess Revolution.  Here's what I'll need from you:

* A work-out, every day. No exceptions. You choose your mode of fitness. Dance, Tai Chi, weights, aerobic exercise, swimming, walking, whatever.  Just commit to working out daily for one week.  Your body needs this.  You will facilitate natural de-tox and cultivate better health.  Not to mention how good you'll feel about yourself.

* Superior Hydration.  Most people eat more daily than they drink.  That's how it should be.  Our bodies require more hydration than it does substantial food.  What we drink to hydrate ourselves significantly impacts brain and organ function, overall health and weight gain.  So we will drink primarily water (purified, preferred) spiked with fresh lemon and/or lime juice.  Fresh fruit juices are acceptable.  No soda (the sugar content is obscene) and especially no diet soda (this is the most diabolical drink I've come across; diet drinks actually contained ingredients designed to PRESERVE fat cells, thereby keeping the drinker overweight and ensuring future purchases to continue "dieting".)  No alcohol, decreased caffeine, eliminate sugar drinks.

* A primarily vegetarian or vegan diet for one week.  This means you'll be eating mostly a mostly plant and grain based diet.  Wait until you experience the benefits and see the results for yourself.  Instant cleansing, increased energy, better skin, stronger immune system, often immediate weight loss.  

* You will create a Treasure Map (also called a Dream Board or Vision Board).  To do this, you'll need a poster board or piece of white paper, an old magazine you don't mind cutting up and some crayons or colored pencils.  This will help you tune in to your path, identify your desires and passions.  Your Treasure Map will assist you to consciously move in the direction of your dreams and personal destiny.

* Spiritual practice daily.  One world, many spiritual paths, it's all good...  You may choose to meditate, go to church, engage in yogic breathing, walk a labyrinth.  The choice is yours and it's personal.  I just need you to engage in spiritual alignment and empowerment every day for this one week.  This will keep your head, heart and attitude in the right place.

* Commitment to positive thoughts, words and behavior.  That means we avoid gossip or demeaning words.  We choose optimism over pessimism.  We think hope instead of doom.  We are kind even when no kindness is extended to us, and we commit to spreading positive energy with the full understanding that it is contagious and can change the world - one individual at a time.  Powerful.

* Passion and sex.  Humans are meant to have sex.  For this one week, I'll need you to engage - frequently and enthusiastically.  This keeps your energy flowing, breaks up energetic blocks, promotes overall good health and creates emotional and mental satiety.  Single?  No excuse.  Get busy. *winks*

I won't lie; this week is going to be challenging and rewarding - all at once.  You may both hate me and love me.  Either way, in the end you'll thank yourself for participating and that's more than enough for this ParaGoddess.  Sure, our one week revolution will be tough, but we'll get through it together, and we'll support one another along the way.  

It's only one week.  Don't back down.  Get strong.  Commit.  JOIN ME!

USE THIS HASHTAG ON TWITTER and FACEBOOK ☞☞☞  #PG1wk   This will allow you to track my ParaGoddess 1 Week Revolution tweets, and connect to others who are participating.  The hashtag will become a clickable link.  Be sure to spell it correctly in order to join the conversation.

I've got my supplies and I'm ready to go.  I've stocked up on healthy foods, vitamins and supplements, essential oils, purified water, gemstones and candles.  I've got my Pilates ball and pull down strap ready. 

3... 2... 1... Ready?  For the week of November 6 through November 13, we're going to start a personal revolution!



Anonymous said...

This is Lisa aka Kore and yes I am doing this.... ;) gonna be a blast.

buzz said...

I'm in...and this comes at the perfect time!

Helen said...

Hey, Jo Lynne! I'm in this time too. Hard word but very worth it. #PG1wk