Monday, November 29, 2010

The Art of The "A Game"

I've been pondering the art of the A Game, of late.  It occurs to me that we as individuals really have just one shot at a lot of things: to make a good impression, to create a positive first impression, to handle any situation well, with grace or with style.  To hit a home run and achieve our goal(s).

B Game is good...  C Game is decent effort; D Game is nearly game-over for me.  But A Game... oooh, A Game is the manifestation of our full attention, best efforts and full tilt boogie as regards personal style and finesse.  A Game is what we do when we give a shit... it's what we do when we want it.

Crazy as it may sound, this photo depicts my A Game.  It was late afternoon on Thanksgiving; I'd spent the entire day cooking and creating what I must say was a pretty stellar holiday meal and experience.  The house looked and smelled good.  The food was delicious, everyone was smiling.  I'd given and done my best - and it showed, everywhere I looked.  I can also see, in this pic, that I've been working my ASS OFF in terms of nutrition and fitness.  Loved my outfit.  Was wearing a glass cheetah "J" necklace I picked up over the summer on 42nd Street while in NYC for three back-to-back book signings.  Had on a fabulous - no, fierce, pair of shoes.  Had on my favorite (hard to find!) perfume, was sipping my favorite wine.  Felt  muy *•。☂Sexxy•Licious☂。•* .

I think I'll always refer to this pic when I want to remind myself how important it is to give mind, heart, body and soul to every single thing I do.  I think I'll always look at this pic when I feel I'm swerving off my path or slipping just a little bit.  I can't let myself down... or those I care about.  And I'll be damned if I don't live up to my full potential or relentlessly pursue my desires.  Because at the end of the day... how can we smile before nodding off to sleep or release a sigh of contentment at the end of our days, if we haven't done all that we can, every chance we have?  To that end - understanding and mastering the art of the A Game is vital.

We can apply this to relationships, career, goals, passions, personal choices, parenting...  Everything, really.  What'cha think?


Ken Swenson said...

I don't think of it as "A" game as much as it is a realization of what your personal reality is, and what when manifested, a person is capable of. If you present yourself as you truly are, if you (to borrow a quote from Nicole Kidman)truly think of your heart as "open", if you have nothing to hide nothing to fear,then you will either get what you seek, or find out those who really aren't interested in the "real".

Helen said...

This gave me the kick in the pants I needed, Jo Lynne. Perfect timing as always! I feel motivated to get back on track with trying to market my illustrations and make fitness more of a routine. Thank you!

Stacey said...

I believe in doing our best in all things. I think that's what you mean by bringing your A Game. I see A Game as the best you can do in any situation and the best you hope to receive from anyone or thing. Thought provoking post, Jo Lynne. You never cease to surprise at keeping a variety.

Love and Horror Amy Williamson said...

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Ben said...

Great pic, great post. Nothing else but the A game will do.

ParaGoddess Press said...

So happy this blog has touched a few readers. Remember... A Game doesn't necessarily have to be "over the top" --- A Game can be the little things, too. A text, a note, an email... Making a list before you go to bed, remembering to take your vitamins, giving an extra dose of attention, care or love. You get to define your own A Game parameters... ain't it cool?
- Jo Lynne