Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday - June 3, 2010

My dear readers, it's time once again for our beautiful Thoughtful Thursday tradition.

I will answer your question OR you may ask that I draw an Oracle card to provide Intuitive insight for you - YOUR CHOICE OF ONE. Please post questions/requests here as commentsLook for answers throughout the day and up until 10 p.m. EST on Thursday, June 3.

Thank you for making Thoughtful Thursday so meaningful and powerful. Most of all, thank you for trusting me. All questions and requests are answered in the order they were received. 


Kelly P. said...

Hi Jo Lynne,

Might I trouble you and ask for an Oracle reading please?

Thank you!

Purrs and Kisses.

Books and Bane said...

I'm lost. Can I be found? 'Cause I'm feeling pretty insane these days. Tornadoes in my chest and fog everywhere else. That's the only way I can explain it. Fog and tornadoes. Oracle or just insight... you choose please.
Muah! <3

Anonymous said...

Hey Jo Lynne,
Im kinda with Books and Bane, lately I've been feeling very spacey, and confused, can i request an Oracle Card

MoonworksApothecary said...

Hi JoLynne~ Can you recommend any websites or cookbooks that have good recipes for vegetarians? I'm cutting meat out of my diet and I would like to find some good recipes to try out.

Many Blessings,

Freedom Writer said...

Hi JoLynne,

Could I please get an Oracle reading?


ParaGoddess Press said...

Wow, we've got great participation so far! I'll be back soon to start answering questions and requests.

I also have a FB question to add:

Rhonda Gaylord: I've been wanting to ask this very important question. What type of Riesling do you drink, I've never had that kind and would love to try it. I like red and sweet. :)

psyche.soul said...

Hi JoLynne,
It's April and I would really like to have an Oracle reading, please.

April Riley

ParaGoddess Press said...


Your messages today have everything to do with grabbing hold of your life and propelling yourself FORWARD. I can tell you that things will turn out better than you imagine, if only you'll take the leap of faith.

The first step however is to identify what is RESTRICTING you. There are blocks mentally and emotionally and perhaps on the material plane, too. Something blocks your path, preventing you from moving in the direction of your dreams.

Isn't it time to take action to move the blocks and restrictions out of your way? Is it possible YOU are blocking yourself? This is a key question for you to ponder at this time.

Life is about RISK. Everything is a roll of the dice. You've got to be willing to take that chance. Just because you're a little scared inside or past ventures haven't gone so well, doesn't mean you cannot be amazed and surprised at your results, now. In short, it's time to TAKE SOME RISKS!! :)

The outcome will be a lovely, reinvented you. There will be transformation and there will be manifestation. You just have to trust your Intuition and listen to that little voice inside you... the one that's whispering GO FOR IT!!

Moonbeams and Luv ~
ℐℴ ℒℽℎℎℯ ☽♥

ParaGoddess Press said...


I would like you to do three things, immediately.

1. Obtain a sage smudge stick and cleanse your aura. You do this by lighting the sage (it will have a very pungent aroma; be prepared for this!) and wave the smoke over the top of your head, over your entire body including up and down your arms and legs, then finally underneath each foot.

The belief behind smudging is that as the sacred herbal smoke rises heavenward, it takes negative energy with it. This is a practice embraced by many indigenous and shamanic cultures.

People report a lighter, more positive and balanced feeling, after smudging.

You can get a smudge stick at metaphysical shops and lots of health food stores.

2. Perform a meditation to assess the state of your soul. Ask yourself these relevant and powerful questions: Who am I? (listen for the answers... you may feel reminded of your characteristics, talents, gifts or personal history) How can I fulfill my purpose? (listen for ideas that suddenly pop into your head, and don't be surprised if you suddenly receive visions of you engaged in various activities).

When we ask for spiritual guidance in such a direct, honest way, we ALWAYS get answers.

Know that you are tuning into your Self, approaching the Divine for answers, and allowing Spirit to communicate directly with you.

Be sure you are sitting in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Put on relaxation music, sit quietly with your eyes closed, and TUNE IN...

3. Finally, do something LOVELY for yourself right away. What is it that you truly love? Eating out? A certain kind of ice cream? A walk on the pier at the beach? Holding a fuzzy kitten?

Make that happen for yourself. It is high time you nurtured yourself by indulging in what you LOVE and truly ENJOY. There is nothing like tending to the self, to get us back on track again.

This 1-2-3 punch: the smudging, meditation, and nurturing, should go far to make a fast and significant impact.

Please keep me posted.

Moonbeams and Luv ~
ℐℴ ℒℽℎℎℯ ☽♥

ParaGoddess Press said...


Hello there, thanks for the Oracle request. It does help to have a first name (even if it's a screen name) so I can tune into your personal vibration better, but let's go with the "M" and see what the Oracle has to share with you today! :)

The themes that come up for you today have to do with COMMUNICATION and TRUTH. Let me be more specific...

Today you're invited to take a good, objective look at how well you're communicating with others, and with yourself. Are you being as clear and expressive as you can be? Are you communicating *everything*?

Too often, we hold ourselves back, out of fear, hesitation or perhaps because we're unsure of how to express our thoughts and feelings.

But that's the first thing for you to ponder today... Ask yourself: "How DO I express myself? Am I making my needs and my perspectives known and understood?"

Communication allows us to advocate for ourselves, and it allows us to find out information we want to know.

Next, it's time to assess your personal honor and your truth. Honor and honesty are one issue; your "personal truth" is another - and both issues are begging your attention.

Is there an area in your life where you need to be more honest? Is there someone in your life who isn't being entirely honest with you?

Finally, who are you, my friend? It's time you ask yourself that question, so you can get down to the significant matter of your own personal truth. Your beliefs, desires, passions and talents are your truth... as is your history and the places you hope to go in and with your life.

Dig deep... this is big, heavy stuff to consider today.

Moonbeams and Luv ~
ℐℴ ℒℽℎℎℯ ☽♥

ParaGoddess Press said...


Hello there! Always love to see someone jump on the vegetarian band wagon with me!

The benefits are immediate: your system will begin to cleanse and purge naturally as your digestive system and colon are swept clean and restructured on a cellular level. Immune response will improve and if your vegetarian diet is complete and balanced, mental clarity, overall wellness and weight loss will be natural perks. Good stuff, eh?! *winks*

There are so many wonderful Vegetarian and Vegan cookbooks on the market nowadays, and goodness knows I've reviewed a few during my magazine days. But my absolutely old school favorite cannot be improved upon, and it is a great place for any aspiring or new vegetarian to begin: THE MOOSEWOOD COOKBOOKS.

Here is the link to the Amazon page featuring every cook book Moosewood has put out:

By the way... what's Moosewood? It's a fabulous vegetarian restaurant in Ithaca, New York whose recipes were so delicious and famous, they gained national attention and were the cause of the much loved and celebrated Moosewood Cookbook series.

Good luck, and good cooking! Keep me posted. :)

Moonbeams and Luv ~
ℐℴ ℒℽℎℎℯ ☽♥

ParaGoddess Press said...


Big energies are at work in your life! And I've got some rather big messages for you, too... Please sit back and prepare to take this very seriously.

Firstly, we must talk about your financial situation and the ability you ABSOLUTELY have, to create abundance. It is all about asking and receiving. Trust in your ability to create prosperity... and then focus on making it happen.

I also feel strongly that you are nurturing many and now must receive some nurturing in return. Here too, you must ask... if you want to receive the nurturing/healing/boost/gift of YOU time you so desperately need and deserve.

Next, I must acknowledge your spiritual and magical nature/tendencies. I see a very strong sense of spirituality within you and I also see that you have some natural magical gifts. However, I do not think you have fully embraced either.

It is time to infuse your life with spirituality in a greater way. If you aren't doing much, now's the time to start. If you are spiritual, then now is the time to increase, intensify or expand your practice.

Why not take some classes? I feel as though you would be drawn to the occult... and holistic things, too. Holistic living is by it's very nature, spiritual. Aromatherapy, Astrology, Intuitive Development... these things would interest you greatly.

Finally, you very naturally make things happen. My guess is you've been experiencing happy coincidences... which aren't really coincidences at all. When you're in balance, you're one of those people who happens to meet the right person, at the right time, in the right place... This is your gift, my dear - Intuitively you receive the signals that direct you where you need to go.

Question today is: are you balanced so you can work your natural magic? If the answer is not so much, then what are we waiting for? :)

Moonbeams and Luv ~
☽♥ ℐℴ ℒℽℎℎℯ

Nadia said...

Jo Lynne,

I must be insane.... I am holding on to the job I hate that pays the bill sbut is 45+ hours a week, AND just signed on to a 2nd job for 20 hours a week, plus I am INTENT on continuing the work on my sites/business/writing as I KNOW thats what I should be doing & where my success truly is (just still nee dto pay bills NOW)....oh yeah....and I have 3 kids who need me to be Mom...

Do you (and/or an Oracle card) think I am fractionating myself too much out of fear of finances? Or is this an ok yet overloaded and splitfocus path that needs to be done for now?

Im clearly dizzy in dillema....


ParaGoddess Press said...

Hey everyone... if you're not FOLLOWING this blog... PLEASE DO!! :)

As well, I've got a FAN GROUP over at Bitten By Books. Please feel free to join that too. Here's how!

1. Go here and join the main site:

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4. Say hi and get your NEW MEMBER welcome gift... consisting of a quartz crystal point for your empowerment and one of my free Swag Packs (flats).

Thanks, guys... love you all **so much**!!

Moonbeams and Luv ~
ℐℴ ℒℽℎℎℯ ☽♥

MoonworksApothecary said...

Thanks JoLynne, heading to Amazon now to look at the Moosewood cookbooks!

I love to cook and it's time to make the change!! Bon appetit!

ParaGoddess Press said...


I get very strongly that you are overloaded. I get very strongly as well, that at least one of your children is able to ASSIST. By that I mean, able to pitch in to help out with the current finances.

I do feel there is a block that needs to be moved, and I think the way to begin that process is for you to begin engaging in activities that SUPPORT and ENERGIZE your dream (writing).

A writer's group would be excellent, a book group would be wonderful!! Anything that puts you around books and thinking/talking about reading/writing. Seriously, I can honestly see you starting a book group and that simple act ends up ALIGNING you more closely with your desire to write for money... and therefore you inch closer to your dream.

It doesn't seem feasible now, I know... which is where that child pitching in, becomes relevant. Talk to her, lay things out. Kids are usually not thrilled to take on a part time job to help support the household, but in this case, not only is it realistic but it feels karmically right.

I also must say that I feel there is a potential move coming for you in the next year. Have you been thinking about relocation? Well, if you have not, then I suspect you will now. *winks*

Please keep me posted. This did not require the Oracle; the information literally flooded into my head and flew onto the keyboard. :)

Moonbeams and Luv ~
ℐℴ ℒℽℎℎℯ ☽♥

Moonbeams and Luv ~
ℐℴ ℒℽℎℎℯ ☽♥

Books and Bane said...

LOL... you freak me out sometimes! I have been thinking about smudging for 3 weeks. For some reason I just don't bother to go by the sage and do it. I suppose that is why I need to be While I am buying that can you suggest anything else I should pick up? Candles etc. Not expensive. Uber broke right now.
Love you!

Kristen said...

Hi JoLynne!

My last oracle reading was spot on...could I have an oracle reading please? I'm in the middle of changing things - lots of things! But still part of me wonders if I'm not doing enough... And an old - for lack of a better word, we'll call it a sign- sign is reappearing again. A name. I'm not sure what to think about that at all, and meditation hasn't cleared the fog.

Thanks! xoxo

mean mom productions said...

HI Jo lynne,

I have been searching for a job in the past year. In the process, I followed my heart and also started a children's book series. There is a possible oppurnity coming to maybe have this published. I haven't submitted it, yet. I have to contact the contact person first to determine how to get is submitted and published.

Can you sense if this is the right direction to go for me or is there something else I am suppose to be doing?

psyche.soul said...

JoLynne, I just got a very disturbing phone call with my mother, who basically told me that she is disowning my sister and I because we do not have the same religious beliefs that she does, and I am falling apart at the moment, not really sure what I need at the moment but I feel like I am in crisis.... please help...

ParaGoddess Press said...


I must warn you about disruption, now. Only you can know for certain whether disruption/change/shifts at this time in your life would be negative or positive... my place however, is to warn you that change WILL occur.

So you may want to ask yourself now... who or what is NEW right now? Has someone new come into the picture or a new situation/opportunity presented? Know that if you welcome this into your life, change will occur, disrupting and shifting your current course.

The key here is communication. You'll want to identify what your true thoughts and feelings are, and find a way to convey them accurately and honestly. This is for your good and for the good of everyone in your life.

I must say - usually I have a relatively clear understanding of the advice I give readers... this time however, I have only a vague picture of what is going on, but I *am* certain of which I speak.

Something new looms at the edge of your world... and with it comes change. Communication is the key to making smooth additions/changes/transitions.

Digest that and follow your Intuition!

Moonbeams and Luv ~
ℐℴ ℒℽℎℎℯ ☽♥

ParaGoddess Press said...


When it comes to exploring the possibility for your books, make sure you have very clear information. I want you to take special care with how much certain fees may cost you (such as editorial or agent fees) and I want you to have clear and accurate information on royalty payouts should you become published.

I do feel strongly that when you submit it will be a process that may take some time, and you will do best to submit a body of work. That is to say, having more than one book to submit would be beneficial.

I do feel that this work has been largely for YOU. It has assisted you to tap into your inner sense of knowing when it comes to children and parenting, and it has been a healing journey for you.

Finally, to maximize your chances for success with your book series, you *must* work on cleaning house mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically... there is old emotional baggage to be released and there is your wellness that is demanding attention, too.

When you are in balance mind, body and spirit, you will be in an empowered position to best launch your book series. I see this as potentially taking the span of one year - and that's fast! Please be sure however, to heed to the advice - I cannot emphasize how strongly I feel you must tend to YOU.

Moonbeams and Luv ~
ℐℴ ℒℽℎℎℯ ☽♥

ParaGoddess Press said...


First and foremost, I must tell you that you and your sister are not the only women to be confronted, disrespected and potentially disowned by their own parents, for reasons that are less than viable.

That statement may be of little comfort to you now, but awareness of the above fact will actually be an affirmation in the days to come...

The world is changing. People are realizing in a very aware and powerful way, that there are many gods, many paths... and our privilege as human beings, is to find the one that is correct for us.

Yes April, your right and your privilege as a human woman and child of the Divine, is to find the path that is comfortable and familiar to your feet... and to walk that path to the God, Goddess or Great Spirit that speaks to you.

I do understand how you are feeling at this moment, because unfortunately I have had multiple attacks made on me for my religious beliefs and spiritual practice, including on live television! What I can tell you is that while the world is changing, some people do continue to hold onto their beliefs... and it is their right to do so.

Tolerance is increasing in a general sense... people are more understanding of various ethnicities, beliefs and practices... but that doesn't help you with your mother, does it?

I feel for you, the best way to communicate with her is after several days have passed (to allow things to calm down...) via a letter. A letter will eliminate the potential for argument and provide you an opportunity to express yourself without interruption or being challenged.

Tell your mother how you feel, and tell her in very simple, brief terms, what you believe and why. Ask her to respect you the way you respect her. Point out that there are many countries, beliefs and ways of living on the planet... and that regardless of what your belief/practice is now, you are still her daughter.

A sign of strength and enlightenment is the acceptance of people and beliefs that are different from our own. Perhaps you can share some of your enlightenment with your mother.

Please keep me posted.

Moonbeams and Luv ~
ℐℴ ℒℽℎℎℯ ☽♥

psyche.soul said...

Thank you hunny, I will do my best.
much luv

Kelly P. said...

Thank you Jo Lynne. You are really accurate with your readings. The last reading that you did for me where you mentioned that blue was a big colour for me was on the spot. The colour blue helps centre me in meditation. I guess that you could safely say that I am a little obsessed with the colour.