Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thoughtful Thursdays ~ February 4


Meet me here each week for Thoughtful Thursday. I'll be sharing what I know and what I can, answering reader questions on holistic health, spirituality, the Paranormal, metaphysics, writing, my work, your world, personal or spiritual advice... I'll answer two questions each week. I'm feeling the love already. :)

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Thoughtful Thursday questions for January 28

Q 1: Is it possible I was meant to be alone? After five years of blind and online dating... no luck. I'm just plain tired. They say you have to learn to love yourself first? - J.D.

A: My answers may sound terribly cliche. But you yourself said it: yes, we must love ourselves first. What's more, we must love ourselves wholly and with a passion - before we can attract that same kind of romantic love in someone else. It's all in the energy. People really do put out what they feel inside. We can wear the brightest smile on our face, but if hurt, sadness, even bitterness or anger reside inside - that energy will most definitely shine through.

Perhaps the powers that be are suggesting a break from the dating scene? Why not spend the remainder of this winter getting to know yourself, nurturing your heart, mind, body and spirit? Keep a journal, now. Write down your positive attributes and the areas in your life that need work. What positive shifts or changes can you make? This kind of heart and soul work is important. When the time is right, you'll be ready, willing and able to be the kind of person you'd like to attract.

I can tell that you're longing for love. I believe if a person wants love, they can usually get it - providing they're willing to do what they must. Do take the rest of the winter and spend time nurturing and reflecting. And then venture out to some new places, perhaps not online but actual places - workshops or coffee houses, museums or wine tastings, for example - come spring.

Q 2: I have been awakened by either a loud, booming male voice (male) saying my name or the sound of a door bell. It's always very loud, enough to wake me up. What is going on? Am I supposed to wake up for a certain reason? Someone trying to get my attention? - R.

A: Bingo. Usually in situations like you've described, you are supposed to wake up and someone is trying to get your attention. Certainly there are occasions when a spirit presence can be negative (and those who have experienced such, know it is nothing to take light) but in my experience, negative entities use other modes of communication. Also in my experience, when someone's name is said loudly and the sound of a ringing of a bell accompanies it, this is not a malevolent presence. (Yes, I've heard of this happening before.)

Bells are a positive sound; chimes are good, too. In many spiritual traditions, bells are associated with clearing negative energy and blessing spaces. When we think of a ringing bell in the mundane world, we often think of being called to dinner, or getting a wake up call. See where we're headed?

It sounds as though a spirit guide is trying to communicate with you. Have you been asking for guidance? Praying for communication or divine input? You just may be getting what you asked for. Listen to your Intuition carefully, now. Heed the small voice inside you and be on the lookout for "coincidences," which I believe are most always divine serendipity. Follow your gut and my guess is, you'll find you have answers and insight to address some things you may have been concerned about. It sounds like you've got someone looking out for you.

Why does spirit guide communication occur so frequently when we are sleeping? The conscious mind is asleep, leaving the unconscious mind which is much more open to spiritual communication, free to receive messages. Too, in the small space between waking and sleep we are in the theta brain-wave state; this is when strong spiritual messages can be received.

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mean mom productions said...

wow great advice

Helen said...

I have a question for next week. Sometimes I know what people are going to say before they say it and sometimes I dream of things before they happen. I have never told anyone too much about it because my sister always rolls her eyes whenever I try to tell her but it seems like your'e the woman to ask. Give me your insights Jo Lynne!!

Ben said...

Great idea, your Thoughtful Thursday. I have a question on something I've seen you write and tweet about often, authenticity. I've noticed an increase in women only interested in men who have "bank" or what is now called "paper". I am a successful and nearing the point where finding Mrs Right may be in the cards but women today are just plain phony. What are your thoughts Jo Lynne? I'd like to hear a woman's point of view. xo, Ben