Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday ~ February 25, 2010


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I'm calling in a marker this week, darlings. I'm going to suspend answering reader questions in favor of a different kind of treat for this week's Thoughtful Thursday. This is what happens when an author wakes up in the night to write - and keeps writing until it becomes a new day! My wits are not entirely about me this morning and lest I give less than excellent energy in my responses to your questions, I'll favor an old-stand by. But I think it's an old stand-by treat you'll like.

With our economy being what it is, everyone can use a little fortification in the financial department. Here is an old-fashioned folk magic my auntie taught me to make. She taught me in the oldest of ways: by letting me watch her when I was a child. When I was old enough, she told me the exact proportions of ingredients to be used, which I later wrote down into my magical journal.

Sounds like fiction, right? *chuckles softly* Nope, it's a snap shot out of my childhood. Yes, we exist, and we live among you!

Moving on. :)

Feel free to jot this down or copy, paste and print. I'm sharing this with my readers because it's good stuff, and most of all - because it works. Like I always say, if we know something that can help other people, then why in the world wouldn't we help other people by sharing what we know? Please leave me comments, and particularly give me feedback *after* you make a Money Attraction Bottle - I'll want to hear your good news. :)

Money Attraction Bottle
1 small to medium sized jar or bottle. If you like, you can get a pretty one from the craft store; I'd suggest green if possible.
8 old pennies
8 dimes
8 quarters
8 peppercorns
8 kernels of dried corn (you can dry frozen corn in a low oven, about 200F for 50-60 minutes)
8 cinnamon sticks
8 whole cloves
8 shakes of powdered garlic

Assembling your Money Attraction Bottle in a serene environment really helps; you're eliminating distractions that way, and increasing the amount of concentration and thus the amount of energy you're able to give your project. If you want to get fancy (I always do this...) lay down a placemat (green if possible) and light a candle (green if possible, white as a secondary color). Put on some soft music such as spa or relaxation music, yoga music or Native American flute.

When you're ready, one at a time, take the ingredients into your hands, cup your hands around it and close your eyes. Feel your hands getting warm (this is a good sign) and will that warmth/energy into the item. You are putting your energy into it and thus lending power to the finished product. As you perform this energy infusion, imagine financial stability, happy financial surprises coming your way, increased prosperity in a way that harms none and flows naturally and easily. Repeat this process with every item.

When you are through infusing each item, place them one by one, very solemnly and with great concentration, into a large bowl. Now begin to mix all the items together with your fingers, visualizing once again money, stability and prosperity flowing easily into your life. The prosperity comes in such a way as to harm no one, and it comes with ease and flow.

If you experience any thoughts of doubt, push them quickly from your mind. When you feel the time is right, and your items are "ready", place the items into your jar or bottle. Cap it tightly. To seal your work, shake the bottle or jar gently, hearing all the ingredients shaking around; imagine money "raining down" all around you. You are further visualizing your goal and thus increasing potential success.

Now, place your Money Attraction Bottle somewhere appropriate - on the living room mantle or on the kitchen counter (central areas of your home) or near the can where you keep household cash.

Expect your financial situation to improve and amplify; allow prosperity to flow into your life by keeping your thoughts, behavior and expectations positive.

Note: You may have noticed I suggested the color green a lot; this is the color associated with abundance and prosperity.

Attention, skeptics: Last fall, I made a prosperity pouch and posted the instructions in my Fan Group, then offered to give away the pouch I'd made, to one reader. That reader received unexpected and utterly unusual financial gain the very day she received the pouch, and she continued to experience increased prosperity in the days and weeks to come. Read about it, HERE.

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Moonbeams and Luv ~



Helen said...

Oooh goody I've been waiting for you to post more of these Jo Lynne!! Sorry your tired today but the gain is all ours. THANKS FOR THIS ONE!!

Marisa Birns said...

Yes, so need to collect the items and make this Money Attraction Bottle.

Also followed your link to the prosperity pouch and NEED to have one, too. *laughs*

It's the Year of the Tiger (my year) and I want to make it the one where I get out of the way and allow myself to see, understand, and reach those writing dreams that I've harbored over the years.

Thank you so much for always sharing the very best with us.

Ann said...

Always giving me what I need at just the right time. This information couldn't have come at a better moment Jo Lynne. I have most of the ingredients, all I need is the cinnamon sticks, peppercorns and the bottle. Think I'm gonna go get myself a purdy green one. LOL Love it, Jo Lynne, thank you very very much. xo Annie

Anonymous said...

Neat stuff. Didn't know you were Wiccan. Nice.

Vicky said...

can I use english "small change coins" ?