Friday, February 19, 2010


Alright guys, here we go with another amazing opp. You guys ready? My new novel, due to release this summer, is almost complete. Really, I'm just adding details now. Soon, revisions and edits will begin. We are right on schedule and I'm getting excited! EXCEPT... Well darlings, I just added on a new character. He literally just CAME TO ME, and this character makes so much sense, and adds SO MUCH to the story, that HE HAS MADE HIMSELF AN ASSET.

Here's my challenge and opportunity for you. I'm going to let you guys NAME THIS CHARACTER. Here is a photo of him:

To help you, here is his bio: This young man is a rogue, a vagabond - no home, no family. He is supernatural in constitution. SORRY, NO SPOILERS. Let's just say... HE HAS ABILITIES. You're going to be surprised. I promise you that. By nature, he is dangerous and volatile. But he has a heart of gold. He bonds with our hero and is incredibly loyal to both the hero and the heroine - although that loyalty does get challenged at one point.

Now, readers, tell me... WHAT IS HIS NAME?

Let me sweeten the pot for you. The reader/fan who suggests the name I choose will not only receive the honor of having this character in my new novel bear the name you choose, but you will receive one of the trio of ARCs being printed of this novel. That's right, you'll get a copy of the novel before anyone else does.

The name of the character, and your name as the winning reader/fan who named him, will be announced when Pre-order info is announced for the novel.

Ready? Set? GO! Name my character!

Be informed: You may suggest more than one name. Please give it some thought. Look into his eyes, consider his bio. Give me your best suggestion!

FOR MORE ON THIS NOVEL - CLICK HERE. There are also pictures of my HERO and HEROINE. Brace yourselves. They're beautiful, too.

Moonbeams and Luv ~


B-ster said...

I love the rogue-ish side characters! He has abilities and loyalty, even better! So Jared, Jet (like Jethro), Eric, and Axel are jumping at me. Then there are the cartoon/game characters that I immediately thought of when you described him - Renji from Bleach, Axel from Kingdom Hearts, and Mugen from Samurai Champloo (Yes, I'm a big anime fan) Good luck finding a name that just fits!

mean mom productions said...

Chander -mooon in hindo
Waaser-water in german
Barrett-bear in german

bianca_riot said...

Ryan, Kyle, Lucas, Nate, Ace, Ash, Brent, Jeremy, Damien, Blake, Austin, Nick, Dustin, Tyler, Caleb, Jason, Devin, Zac, Ethan, Jarvik, Bailey, Elijah, Noah, Trey, Logan, Skyler, Aden..!?!

Ok im all outta ideas, if the giveaway is international then count me in, otherwise hopefully i gave you some ideas for names.

Ann said...

Well no surprise here that you'd pick someone so pretty for one of your characters, Jo Lynne. Okay, let's see. His name is... ... Jared, Ivan or Tray. Good luck finding the best name for this hottie and good luck to me for winning because you know I want that ARC!!! Hugs, Annie

writinginrain said...

Cody Martris

Jo Lynne Valerie said...

Wow, we are getting some very strong suggestions, here! You guys may want to check out what some folks said in my fan group.

I'm going to be hard pressed to make a choice - so many good names! :) Thanks for helping me out. Stay tuned for updates on this.

Moonbeams and Luv ~
Jo Lynne

Suzanne said...

DEACON... the name simply popped in when I read your post and looked at the pic. Thought I'd throw it in the ring.

Jon Paul said...

Beck. 'Nuff said. :D

Heather (DarklyReading) said...

I'd say Pedro or Dante.

Helen said...

Time for me to put my two cents in. This is a wonderful opportunity for your fans Jo Lynne, you always take such good care of us. I also signed up to get my membership crystal offer on your fan page and yes woman you are totally awesome.

Enough putting off the moment. Here are my ideas for this stunning man's name.

Chandler, Jonathan, Drake, Brent, Jake, Brandon (wait isn't that your son's name LOL) and finally I suggest Gabriel. Like the angel only I suspect he's not LOL.

Well I'm wishing good luck to me, I would love to win this contest! And now I am going to check yoru tour page to see if your coming near me. :-)

Ann said...

When do we get to hear more about this book, Jo Lynne? You most certainly have us intrigued with these character posts. They are all very fascinating. Looking forward to more info. Put me on your pre order list for sure!! Hugs, Annie

Jo Lynne Valerie said...

Alright my darlings, the contest is now CLOSED. Thank you *so much* for your suggestions - all of which were GREAT!

I have my name and I'll be adding it to the manuscript today. I do have to say... it was really hard to pick one, with so many amazing suggestions. I got my kids into it and we actually voted. One name jumped out for all of us - and I must say, it just FITS!

Please stay tuned, I'll announce the WINNER when pre-order info for the novel goes up, I'd say in a month or so.

Good vibes to everyone - and as always, Moonbeams and Luv ~

Jo Lynne

Award-Winning Paranormal Author

Jo Lynne Valerie said...

To all my readers and fellow writers/bloggers who supported this contest - THANK YOU all, so much. There are no words to describe how much it means to have active participation - an author knows people are listening, they're reading, and they care. Doesn't get much better.

To Ann, who asked when readers will know more about this novel... Ann, at this point, the most I can offer are the blogs where I'm talking about my hero/heroine and the new rogue character. No info/spoilers/sneak peeks until release day!

I will let you guys know as soon as the book is available for pre-order. And if you'd like a shot at getting that information first, I suggest you join my Fan Group in The Blood Bank over at Bitten by Books - I have a fabulous Fans First policy, wherein fans get all news, opps and goodies, first. :)

Moonbeams and Luv ~
Jo Lynne

Jo Lynne Valerie said...
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Rex Robot Reviews said...

Ok, so I'm going to throw the name 'Dominic' out there because after reading the description of him, it reminded me of my man. He's dark, handsome with beautiful eyes and he is loyal but dangerous.

Did that sound silly? Whoops ;]