IT DOESN'T TAKE MUCH TO MAKE ME HAPPY. A flickering candle, smoldering incense. Delicious food. Good wine. Honorable, passionate people. Dazzling sunsets. Enchanting moonbeams. A sensuous life. Perfect espresso to make the perfect cappuccino. For readers to love my books.

Okay, maybe I need to rephrase that opening thought. New opening thought: I AIM HIGH.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Angels did it again.  They added new stuff.  I'm not complaining; I'm sharing.  I'm not overwhelmed; I'm awestruck.

Yesterday, for the first time, I was given an Angel's name, in a reading.  It was so clear, I was so sure, I didn't hesitate to speak it, to tell my client.

Then today, multiple things happened... multiple.  One after another, in fairly rapid succession.  

I stood in my bathroom, doing my hair, and thought, Is this for fucking real?!  (Stop with that.  The Angels know I swear.  They know exactly who I am.)  What else was there?  What were the other new things?

Well, I was given another Angel's name, in a reading today.  That makes a second time.  Then, they changed my opening blessing (I always start each reading with a blessing).  They changed it completely!  The words didn't come from me; they flowed through me.

And then, later, for the first time ever, I was given a clear, direct message for myself.  That message was incredible, and powerful.  Now I know how my clients must feel.

That's not all.
Several days ago, Jon asked if I ever see his Angels, if I ever get messages for him.  In a small, apologetic voice, I said, I'm sorry... no.    Well guess what?!  Looks like I spoke too soon, because not only did I receive several powerful and accurate messages for my husband today, but two of his Angels revealed themselves to me.  And then his father, who passed in 1990, gave me a message.

Big, right?
I know.
But that's not all...

Today, for the first time I saw that the Angels are here for me.  I feel like they're supporting me, protecting me.  Only twice in my life have I felt I no longer need to be afraid.  The first time was the day I took my wedding vows to Jon, on our beach.  The second time, was today.

Reporting from the front lines...  Angel Whisperer, over and out.

Spiritual Housekeeping

With the passing of that incredible Pink/Blood Moon (in depth details and my full report, on Facebook and Instagram), we are currently immersed in the early days of our Waning Moon period.  Now is the time to release, let go, make space for new growth.  In other words, now is an excellent time for Spiritual Housekeeping.

We all want expansion, in our lives.  We all want new growth.  in order to make room for new blessings,  new perspectives, ways of thinking and new behaviors, we must clear a space.  In order to receive new projects, new opportunities, new growth, we must release (and if necessary, heal) the old.

How do we do that?
Spiritual Housekeeping.
By tending to our spirits, taking care of our souls.
By calling on our  Angels for support and assistance; by choosing to release what does not serve us.

Tonight, release stress and worry.  Identify negative or harmful habits, and commit to cutting them out of your life.  Release fear; fear of growth, fear of change, fear of failure, even success.

And let's release the need to micromanage things.  Let's trust that not only does a Higher Power have our backs, but that Higher Power is using all people, situations, and things in our lives, to ultimately achieve our highest good.  Believing and receiving that truth, gives us the kind of peace and rest we need.

Another form of Spiritual Housekeeping, is to nurture yourself, literally.  Take good care of yourself, darling.  Get the rest you need.  Drink enough water.  Cut down o the foods you know aren't good for you.  Do little things for yourself, in order to keep yourself centered, content, sane.

As the moo wanes, let's banish negativity from our lives.
No longer will the harmful or ill-intended be allowed in our space.
No longer will those who aren't on our vibrational level or in alignment with our highest good, be allowed to have a place in our circle.
And negative energies or spirits are simply not allowed in our vicinity.

If you're feeling these messages deep in your soul, as I am, light a white candle with me, luv.  Let's do the high work of Spiritual Housekeeping, together.

xoxo from my heart to yours...  Blessings for rest and renewal, stability and potential.

#ParaGoddess  #AngelWhisperer


Snapshot from a day in the life.

More done this morning from bed, than a gazillion executives from their offices, I guarantee you.

Met a deadline, had a conference call, ran some edits, took phone calls, did readings, worked on the new book.

All before the kids got out of school.
While a batch of blueberry-raspberry scones were in the oven.  

Can I get an Amen?!

xoxo  #ParaGoddess  #AngelWhisperer

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Call me old fashioned, but...

With me, family comes first.  And I never lose faith.  In times of trouble, in times of challenge, in times of transition, adversity or lack, I choose to believe a higher power is working for my good.  And you know what?  That higher power hasn't let me down yet.

I'm a lover, and a dreamer.  I pour out all I have on those I love, and I take the greatest delight in seeing them enjoy my simple gifts... a hot meal, a cute note, a batch of cookies.  And yes, I do dream.  I'm always believing for more blessings, more opportunities, more reasons to live and thrive.

And, hey...  Yeah, those are smile lines.  I've been laughing a lot lately (that's a blessing) and smiling ridiculously often---at the kids across the dinner table, at strangers in the grocery store, alone in my car just because I love and feel the Angels so much.  Makes us real, those smile lines.  S'all okay... it means we're living.

And yep, this is me, no makeup.  All that hair pinned up, too.  Because glamour is beautiful, but so is simplicity.  Because a woman should be able to show her real self, and feel comfortable with that.  Because I know, pared down and raw like this, is more than enough.  I'm just me, and I hope you love me as I am.

And yes, I'm grateful for this new day.  Grateful for every email I've received, telling me how anxious you are for the next episode of The Angel Diaries, how much your Intuitive Angel Reading meant to you, how much you loved my book, that short story I wrote, that inspirational post you just read...  I can't tell you how much it means to me.  The world... the whole world.

xoxo  #ParaGoddess  #AngelWhisperer

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Writing.  Working on an exciting new project.  Listening to:

But I dunno...  I find I've moved on in many ways.
These days, I favor this:

The gorgeous orchestration.
The refined beauty.
It's not for everyone, but it's for me.

Personal note:  a small respite, today.  It's my west coast day; I'm not working with clients until later... which leaves my morning open for music, writing, and whatever else sustains my soul.

Here in the NYC area, the rain is pouring down.
It's beautiful, therapeutic even...
But my heart is at my crooked lil lakehouse, and the wooded trails are calling me.

xoxo  #ParaGoddess #AngelWhisperer

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Springbreak 2014 Glanceback

I'm back from a week, oceanside.
My very first spring break, ever!
What heaven it was to vacate my life for one restorative week of palm trees and ocean breezes.
How wonderful it was to see my kids enjoy a brand new experience.
And how beautiful it was, spending amazing quality time, with my husband.
I'm still so happy.

I snapped the above pic on our last morning.
I got up and made coffee, snuck back into bed to find Jon looking at me and asking, One last walk?
So we put on workout clothes and made our way down to the beach.
There were other walkers, a few runners.
But mostly, there were just the waves, the shells, and the sand.
Amazing.  I simply adore the ocean.

Moment of truth...  I fell in love with our resort, immediately.  I was thrilled our villa boasted a full gourmet kitchen, which I promptly stocked and worked from, to prepare our daily meals.  I'm a get up and go! kind of girl, so I was thrilled by the many activities that were offered.  I participated in many!  Wine glass painting, martini tasting, facial, massage, wine tasting.  The only activity I did not attend, although I'd signed up, was the Iron Chef competition.  While initially it sounded just perfect for me, when the day came, I looked at my husband and said, I didn't come here to kill a whole day.  Didn't come here to cook in competition, with others.  I came here to spend time with you and the kids, and if I'm cooking for anyone, it's for my family.  The look on his face said it all.

And man oh man, we did it all!
The pool(s)!
The hot tub!
The ocean!
We ate outside mostly, then set up our umbrella and chairs, put on our straw hats, and walked... and walked... and walked.

How amazing to leave the northeast and step out into... palm trees and sun!
Of course, it ended too soon.
Already I'm thinking... take me back!

Our week at the ocean ended too soon.  Some might say we had no right leaving when we did, what with the deadlines and demands, the financial commitments and career responsibilities.  But taking care of ourselves, keeping our energy high and our well full, ensures we're more present and active, in our lives.  What a lovely week I had!

xoxo  #ParaGoddess #AngelWhisperer

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Angel Whispering, Oceanside

A few words on those random notes I gave people last night, and those random *on the spot* readings.  (View the pictures on Instagram, and Facebook.)

The back story?  I think it's interesting... and maybe relevant, somehow.

The evening started innocently enough.  We decided to dress up and treat ourselves to a cocktail, out.  But once seated at our hotel bar, I found myself receiving messages and "intel" on many people around me.  I looked at Jon and said, "Honey, I know this might was supposed to be for us, but I'm getting messages for people. I need to deliver them."

Imagine the look on my husband's face!  Jon is so polite and compassionate, he didn't want to interrupt or disturb anyone.  But I knew if the Angels were talking to me, those people needed to receive messages.  That's what being an Angel Whisperer is all about.

So I wrote the messages on bar napkins, at first.  That worked for a bit...  Until I saw the expression on one woman's face.

I'd given her a napkin message, then walked away, but I glanced back just in time to see that woman her cover her mouth with one hand, as she read her message.  The expression on her face said it all.  The message was unhinging her, in a good way. So I spun around, walked back to her, and reiterated everything I'd written, all the while looking in her eyes.

What did I tell her??
I told her that her father was with her (she confirmed that he'd passed).  I told her that dad was worried at how much alone time she's spending, that he wants to see her happy (she confirmed she's currently deeply unhappy, and often alone).  I told her that I need her to believe her life isn't over (at that, she began to cry).  That the coming year was going to bring many shifts and changes...  That much to her surprise, she was going to first retire from her job, then meet a wonderful man.  They would never marry, but they *would* live in contentment and companionship, for the rest of their lives.  (Deets on the man? Sure! He's a widower, three grown children, owns a business, currently craving a good woman to complete his picture.)

The woman cried and thanked me profusely... over and over.  I left knowing the Angels had used to me to change her life. That woman both believed and received her messages --- and that makes all the difference, in blessings manifesting.

And then...  

Well, it just went on from there.

Some people got messages written on napkins, some people got "Excuse me, I know this sounds crazy but, I'm an Angel Whisperer, and I have some messages for you..."

Jon was great, through it all.
He's proud of me, actually.
I find that sweet as hell.

So that's the deal. That's what went on, last night. *chuckle, smirk*

Yeah, we thought we were going on vacation.  Some good old relax time, no pressure, no work.

I guess the Angels had other ideas for me. *wink*

xoxo #ParaGoddess  #AngelWhisperer
I'm so happy right now...
No words for what the ocean means to me, what it does to me...

Everything comes alive.
I feel so ------- no, no words.

The Atlantic was born today, and I'll tell you how...
The clouds above opened up, and let it out ~

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Intuitive Angel Readings

Once again, thank you so much to all my readers and clients, who've booked Intuitive Angel Readings with me.  These readings are life changing!  I never cease to be amazed at how every reading is completely different, and how unique and precise the Angels are.  I assure you, it has been my sublime honor, to offer these readings to you.  

For those interested in scheduling a reading with me, I'm currently booking for mid April.  Please keep in mind I always make time for those in dire need of a reading (times of severe crisis, loss, grief, illness, etc.). 

What should you expect in a reading?  My best answer is, have no expectations!  Every reading is completely unique.  Sometimes spirits of loved ones who've passed show up; the Angels always show up.  And when the Angels arrive, they are always on a mission.  They come to tell you what you need to hear the most at this time in your life.  Please read that last sentence again; it's important and sums up everything.

In my experience, the Angels are soothing and healing when people need it, and they literally have the power to help restore lives.  They are able to direct and inform us, and I've seen them provide healing instructions for people who are ill.  The Angels are interested in guiding us to our highest good, our highest destiny, our highest calling.  The Angels want to see you live your best life.  At the end of each reading, I usually have what I've come to call a "Spiritual Prescription" for people; this is literally a list of things they must do, in order to get on their path, achieve goals, align themselves with their destiny and best life.

The Angels have made it clear to me that people have two choices: they can either receive, or reject, their messages.  So, as your Angel Whisperer, I repeat what the Angels say, I describe images they show me to the best of my ability, and I trust that those things are what clients truly need to hear.  And again, I never cease to be amazed...  

Booking button is below, luvs.  Once you process your booking request, you'll hear from me within 24-48 hours to schedule.

Again... thank you so much.  I believe, so deeply, in this work.  Thank you for trusting me to do it.

#AngelWhisperer  #ParaGoddess

Friday, April 4, 2014

Grace, Love and Truth

Your destiny is never linked to anyone who leaves you.
Your happiness never lies in the hands of someone who betrays you, tells lies about you, runs you off the road and leaves you for dead.

In my readings, I talk to so many women, and men too... who hold on for so long, to something that's already gone.  To someone who doesn't love them... never loved them---not really.

If they break you apart and don't fix it, they don't love you.
If they know you're broken and don't try to build you back again, they don't love you.
If they choose anything or anyone over you, you're not their priority.
If it's all about them, you don't come first.

One day, someone will come along, and it'll be okay again.
Someone will walk into your life, and you'll feel it again.
That new someone will make you realize why it never worked out with the other ones.

Being alone is okay.
It's a temporary phase (if you want it to be...).
People are sometimes so afraid of being alone, they'll remain with the wrong person.
Some people stay in a relationship where they aren't valued, aren't truly loved, aren't honored with loyalty and real commitment... simply because it's better than being alone.

That's a rape.
A lie.
Being alone is far better.
Alone is where you'll get to know yourself.
Alone is where it'll grow silent... and you'll hear the truth.
Alone is the place you'll be when the Angels finally arrange that meeting... with The One.