IT DOESN'T TAKE MUCH TO MAKE ME HAPPY. A flickering candle, smoldering incense. Delicious food. Good wine. Honorable, passionate people. Dazzling sunsets. Enchanting moonbeams. A sensuous life. Perfect espresso to make the perfect cappuccino. For readers to love my books.

Okay, maybe I need to rephrase that opening thought. New opening thought: I AIM HIGH.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Beautiful creature, you are your own kind of beautiful, and you are here to share that beauty with this ailing world.  You are not here to conform to the expectations of this world, nor are you here to second guess the authenticity, rarity and utter gravity of your beauty.  No darling, you're simply here to SHARE IT.

You'll have to commit to not playing small; that way you'll be sure to rise into the full potential of your beauty.  That way you are certain to never cease wanting to grow into the multi-faceted, multi-talented, multi-accomplished beauty you CAN be.

And don't you dare tone down; not for one moment, don't you dare consider it.  Oh, I know it's less scary if you do; I know you won't intimidate or annoy as many people if you do.  But God didn't create you the magnificently beautiful creature that you are, for you to... simply...  choose a lesser road.  You weren't born to be lesser; you were born a beautiful creature.  And beautiful creature, you were made to DO more; made to SEE more; made to EXPERIENCE more; made to GIVE more.

There will be times and places people will wonder why you're dancing.  They won't be able to hear your music, and they'll say: "Why is she dancing, when the world is so broken??  Why is she shining brilliantly, when the world is so dark??"

Times like those, just smile and keep dancing.
Moments like that, smile, and keep shining.

And in your heart of hearts, KNOW THIS:  the world is less broken, the world is less dark, because of your beauty.

❣  Thank you for reading, as always...  I love you all very much.

xoxo JoLynne

❣  ❣

✰ Fan Fiction Contest! ✰

Do I have any readers in the house?  Anyone who likes to write?  Well sharpen your pencils, and brush up on my characters, because my Fan Fiction Contest is now open!

Fan Fiction is a when a fan of a book and it's characters, writes their own *addition* to the book, or spin-off scene / story.

Well, if you'd like to enter my contest, pick a couple from *one of my novels* and write a scene for them OR write a piece of flash-fiction. FYI: Word count for flash fiction is typically 100-1,000 words.

Go ahead and take your pick, depending on what couple is your favorite:

1. Holly and David from PHOENIX RISING
2. Kasia and Lucas from STRANGE LOVE
3. Kristle and Jensen from GIVE ME A REASON
4. Cami and Paul from GIVE ME A REASON
5. Madison and Jeremy from HOUSE ON THE HILL

1. All entries must be submitted via email to If you inbox your entry to me, it will not be read. For the sake of organization, you must use my biz email.

2. DEADLINE: Midnight on March 15, 2015 (Eastern Time).

3. There will be one WINNER and one RUNNER UP. WINNER will receive a *super loaded* ParaGoddess prize pack. WINNER's PG Romance Fan Fiction will also be featured on my blog. RUNNER UP will receive a truly *loaded* ParaGoddess prize pack.
WINNER and RUNNER UP will be chosen based on originality, literary skill and general appeal.

4. WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time on the night of the SWEET DESTINY Online Release Party. The winner will NOT be announced any other place or time; if you submit to the contest, you MUST be present at the SD Release Party in order to receive the news.

So readers... writers... aspiring writers... fans of the romantic couples in my books, fire up your laptops, break out your typewriters, or sharpen your favorite mechanical pencil! You're invited to hit me with your best shot! What couple will you choose to write about??  I can't wait to read your entries!

Good luck to all who choose to enter!

Questions??  Just ask, in the comments!

Need copies of my books, so you can choose the couple you'd like to write a scene or mini story for?? Grab copies HERE.

xoxo JoLynne 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

✫ PROPHETIC RELEASE ~ February 18, 2015 ✫

God has always used both people and Angels to deliver messages.  Now, in these days of global turmoil and transition, messages from Heaven have never been more relevant.  To that end, prophetic releases are occurring worldwide.  Read on.

✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫

Many instances of spontaneous healing are coming.  Some people will find themselves suddenly healed completely, others will be inspired to take an active hand in their own healing.  To be clear, these healings will occur en masse and have absolutely nothing to do with the medical or pharmaceutical industries.  These healings will take place among people who have suffered from long-time and very serious afflictions.  The Angels say people with serious afflictions are being targeted for this, because when the healing happens, there will be no doubt it's a MIRACLE.

Many people will receive Angelic visitations (both waking and in dreams) in which they will be given specific instructions.  (Bathe in an outdoor spring, begin eating specific types of vegetables and herbs.  THOSE TWO INSTRUCTIONS, SPECIFICALLY, WILL BE GIVEN.)

It is imperative that you understand no affliction or condition is exempt, nothing too difficult --- even the most SERIOUS diseases will be healed.  **If you are one of these cases, your belief PRIOR to the healing is not required.  However, AFTER your healing, you WILL believe in miracles.  There will be no question it was God, touching your life.

✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫

When God's patience runs out, it runs out.  There is a plan to transfer LARGE AMOUNTS OF WEALTH away from corrupt and violent individuals, into the hands of spiritual people who will DO THE RIGHT THING WITH IT.  Believe me when I tell you, the plan is already underway.

Corporations are going to bottom out.  Corrupt leaders (both in all levels of government and in business) are going to be taken out of power.  Organizations are going to crumble.  The irresponsible wealthy are going to receive a life-lesson they'll never forget.  SUBSTANTIAL FUNDS ARE GOING TO BE GIVEN TO PEOPLE WHO CAN BE TRUSTED TO DO THE RIGHT THING WITH IT.

Notice the key words:  DO THE RIGHT THING WITH IT.

Hospitals in 3rd world countries.  Orphanages for children in war-torn areas.  Shelters for infirm and battered individuals.  Programs to heal those who are drug addicted and mentally ill.  Organic food co-ops and gardens.  Homeless shelters.  Communities for people in recovery.  After-school programs for under-privileged children.  Free meal programs.  Mentorship programs for people of all ages.

God is currently identifying people who are capable, proven, responsible, and hungry in their heart to positively impact the world.  IF THAT'S YOU, GET READY.  You may be "tapped".  IT'S ALREADY UNDERWAY.

✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫

Many of you are going to get back time that you lost.  God says many of you are lost in heartache over "wasted years".  Years in the wrong marriages, with the wrong person, in the wrong job, in the wrong part of the country, in the wrong part of the world, pursuing the wrong things.  ANGELS ARE BEING SENT TO GIVE YOU BACK TIME.  Your best days are not behind you; they're still ahead of you --- YOU'RE GOING TO RECEIVE THE GIFT OF TIME.

IF YOU WANT THIS BLESSING, SAY THESE WORDS OUT LOUD:  The rest of my life will be the BEST of my life.  (BELIEVE IT!)

Parents who lost time with children...  Addicts who lost time with family...  Mentally ill who lost time from their lives...  PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE HEALED, RELATIONSHIPS ARE GOING TO BE MENDED --- you're going to get back the time you lost.

✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫

Many of you are going to receive unexpected communications from estranged partners or spouses, expressing the desire to reconcile.  If you are currently estranged, search your heart.  Be ready with your honest response, in order to avoid miscommunications or making a mistake.  For those who have been praying for reconciliation, this may apply to you.

New relationships are going to form.  People will be blessed with soulmate connection, old-school connection.  God has issued orders for the Angels to PAIR PEOPLE UP.  I am 100% serious --- those were the exact words I heard: PAIR PEOPLE UP.

Therefore, Angels are prepping and healing people right now, preparing them for relationships.  When the time is right, a strategic encounter will be arranged.

✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫

The solution to the turmoil and violence we see in the world does NOT like with a human-run government, and it never did.  There exists no world power and no organization capable of solving the world's ills.  Nor will one world power or one organization be allowed to "take over" planet earth.  BELIEVE THAT.  Despite what you're seeing in the media, understand this:  GOD SAYS NO ORGANIZATION IS GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD.  What's going on now is literally no worse than things that have happened in the past --- know that, and stay calm.  Before any real foothold occurs, COMBAT ANGELS WILL STEP IN.  And when that happens, THINGS WILL GET REAL.  To reiterate, no government, only God can transform the world.  How?  His name is the Prince of Peace.  You don't have to believe this, I'm aware many people who read my page have their own spiritual beliefs.  However, I assure you, it is true.  My visions have been detailed, and consistent.  I have seen enough and been privy to enough revelation during my work with the Angels, that I am 100% confident in that statement.  *MORE TO COME, SOON*

✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫

Our current culture of recklessness and promiscuity is being replaced by a new crop of individuals who value morality, tradition, family, and our lands.

This new crop of individuals are going to be fiercely interested in agriculture, horticulture, homemaking arts (hand-made clothing, foods, etc.) and human relationships.

There is going to be a STEEP DECLINE in betrayal, violence, selfishness, immorality, promiscuity, and the like.  People will commit to one another.  Relationships will be respected and valued.   Spouses will no longer model what they saw their parents do, but what they know in their heart to be right.  Parents are choosing to instill old-fashioned morals in their children.

A widespread clarion call has gone out; the Angels have been directing and influencing people in order to effect this change.  WATCH IT HAPPEN.  It's going to happen everywhere.  I don't care what you see NOW; this is GOING TO HAPPEN.  The orders have gone out; Angels are on the ground.

✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫

I could say a lot more, but I actually just deleted two more points, because the Angels say that's more than enough for now.

Blessings to all my readers, near and far.  If any part of this prophetic release touches your life, resonates with you or begins to manifest in your life... I'd love to hear about it.

xoxo JoLynne  ↞↞↞ My books, Intuitive Angel Readings, videos, book trailers, inspiration, free recipes and more.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Blog Hop - PART 2!

Welcome to Part 2 of my post for this year's Annual ParaGoddess Halloween Blog Hop!  May I tell you a story?

Press play and listen as I share Samantha's story with you...   In THREE DAYS GRACE, Samantha has just died.  Suddenly, unexpectedly.  Now, she's struggling to make sense of it all, and is wondering WHAT HAPPENS, NEXT??

PRESS PLAY, and enjoy!

Be sure to listen to the end... I'm featuring a Halloween ParaGoddess GIVE-AWAY!   If you win, you will receive:

1.  A signed copy of HOUSE ON THE HILL.
2.  A HOUSE ON THE HILL coffee mug.
3.  A print out of Samantha's story, THREE DAYS GRACE, which I will sign for you.
4.  A bookmark.

1.  Comment this post.  Tell me what part of Samantha's story touched you the most.
2.  Be a U.S. resident.  And please provide an email address where you can be contacted
3.  That's it!

Winner will be drawn and announced on all my social media sites, at midnight, tonight!

Happy Halloween, everyone!
xoxo  JoLynne  

Halloween Blog Hop ~ PART 1

Happy Halloween, everyone!  Before I get into my post, I'd like to thank the talented and passionate writers who participated in this year's Blog Hop.  What a stellar group of folks!

And now... Part 1 of my contribution to this year's hop.  Yes, you heard right --- Part 1.  There will be a Part 2.  Watch all my social media sites for the heads up on when Part 2 goes live!

For Part 1, I'm answering your questions.  These questions were submitted by members of Team ParaGoddess, and what fantastic questions they are!  Without any further adieu... let's get to it!

Q:  Have you ever worried you wouldn't be able to handle a situation when encountering something negative?  -Karlee

A:  No.  Have I been afraid, yes.  But have I ever worried the situation or entity would prevail?  Never.  I have always  had faith in the inevitable victory of the Light side.

✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯

Q:  Where is the oddest place you've seen a spirit?  -Rebecca

A:  The oddest place I have ever seen a spirit is standing right before me, beside my dresser, waiting for me to wake up.  That's right, earlier this year, I awoke to find the spirit of my late father in law in my bedroom, patiently waiting to talk to me.  The moment I awoke, I saw him.  To be honest, I wasn't afraid or taken aback at all; I'd recently forged a very strong connection with him, via a series of dreams and intuitive experiences.  What followed was an amazing exchange.  At the end I asked if I could call him Dad.  For the record, he said yes.  :)  Also for the record, my husband was on a business trip to Germany at the time.  As my late father in law said, he'd come to check in on me.

✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯

Q:  I'm assuming land can be haunted?  Is it almost always because it was a Native American burial ground, and why do they desire to wreak havoc on the people who build new houses there?  This has happened to me, personally.  -Brenda

A:  Yes, land can be haunted --- in two distinctly different ways.  The first way is by actual ghosts.  Land that is haunted by ghosts exhibits poltergeist activity, and sometimes worse.  This can be cleared with the help of a skilled paranormal / supernatural expert.  The second way land can be haunted is by the retention of negative or violent energy.  The energy literally was strong enough to create an echo, that sometimes plays over and over on a loop, or merely remains, static.  This too can be cleared --- I've done it.  See Episode 2 of The Angel Diaries, in which I cleared a haunted grave yard in a ghost town nestled in the hills of Pennsylvania.  It isn't easy.  In fact, I no longer recommend attempting such a feat without the specific assistance of Angels, which are powerfully supernatural and thus equipped for such work.

✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯

Q:  What is the most haunted or active place you have ever been to? - Marisa

A:  Actually, it was a house I lived in, as a teenager!  That house was absolutely saturated with malevolent energy, to the point where I can only pray someone has since cleared the house, or condemned it.  In it, all manner of things took place from physical demonic attacks to oppression.  Several times I was afraid for my life (I was only 14 years old), and I never did enter the attic, the entire time we lived there.  Interesting fact about that attic door: it had a lock on the outside of it!

✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯

Q:  How do you get rid of a negative spirit that follows you around?  -Katie

A:  The fastest, most powerful and complete way, is to sic an Angel on that spirit.  And the beautiful part is, all you have to do is ask.  Call for assistance, state clearly that you wish a combat Angel to break the spirit off you, and trust that it will be done.  There are Angels whose job it is --- literally --- to seek and destroy negative attachments.  Call on them, and let them do their job!

✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯

Q:  Is it possible to be cursed by someone?  How do you get rid of the curse?  -Amelia

A:  The answer to this question is yes and no.  Someone who is skilled with energy can send a net of negative intention to cover a person.  And when that happens, negative things can begin to happen in that person's life.  But --- and this is important to grasp --- the curse is only effective as long as we believe in it.  At any time, we can break it.  How do we break it?  By declaring it void, by stating it has no power over us, by stating that by the power of the Archangels, it will never be activated again.  This sounds easy, and it can be.  But I must emphasize the level to which your belief is necessary.  Doubt that you've broken the curse, and you've left an opening through which it may reconstitute itself.  Your belief and determination is essential.  It is also essential not to retaliate if you think you know who sent the curse.   You can't call on the assistance of high energies, and act negatively at the same time.  Your negativity (anger, retaliation...) will cancel out the positivity.

✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯

Q:  How old were you when you saw your first ghost?  What emotions did you feel?  -Deb

A:  I was three years old, and I recall it vividly.  I awoke to find it standing, next to where I slept.  I was terrified, because it was a dark being.  I turned over, willed it not to be real, then looked back...  The being was still there.  I closed my eyes for what seemed like a very long time.  When I opened them again, the being was gone.  I immediately climbed out of bed, and went to sleep between my mother and father.  In the morning, I told them I'd come to sleep with them because, "The cookie monster was in my room."  It was a terrifying experience; I'll never forget it.

✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯   ✯

Q:  How do you get rid of all the negative energy after you help people?  Has this ever affected your own health?  -Margaret

A:  I love this question, because I get to share something new, something truly incredible.  I no longer carry or retain others' energy, during or after a reading.  In the past, I would have to protect myself, use bubbles of protection, smudge myself, do energy clearings... No longer.  The Angels have literally done away with that.  I no longer am affected by others' energy, and I no longer have to engage in protection rituals --- they do it for me!

Thank you so much for reading, everyone!  Once again... Happy Halloween!  And please do watch for my announcement regarding PART 2 of my Halloween Blog post!

Don't forget to leave me some comments, below...  Can't wait to read them!

xoxo JoLynne

Please visit all the blogs of the writers who participated this year! 
The posts are simply wonderful, and many have contests running!

Susan Hanniford Crowley

Monday, October 27, 2014

Whole Life Makeover ~ Personal Sessions with JoLynne

I am thrilled to offer all friends attending my November 13, 2014 Online Workshop, INTUITIVE LIVING & CLEAN-EATING, discounted sessions with me, as an extension of their Whole Life Makeover.

If you are attending the workshop and would like a personal session with me, click below.  For those 30 minutes, I'll be your BFF.  Pick my brain, ask questions, let's get personal!  Sessions will be a combination of Intuitive Angel Reading and Spiritual Life Coaching.

It's time to make some positive changes in your life. It's time to make the right decisions, so we can get you to where you want and need to be. Together, let's do this!

By clicking the button below, you will be securing a Personal, Discounted Session with me.  You will be contacted within 72 hours, to schedule your session!

Thank you for joining me on this journey!  I am so excited to help you live your best life.
xoxo JoLynne

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween Blog Hop 2014!

It's that time of year, again!  I'm so excited to be featuring my Annual Halloween Blog Hop... for the fourth year!  Woo-hoo!

This  year, I'm simply pleased as punch to be hosting some truly talented writers and authors, along with some "newbies" for you to discover!

Be sure to follow along each day, for hauntingly good fun!  Each day, a different writer, a different post.  Keep a sharp eye, too!  Some of us will be featuring give-aways.  :)

This year's lineup is:

Oct. 22:  Andrew Brewer

Oct. 23:  Julie Morgan

Oct. 25:  Audie Rose

Oct. 26:  Louisa Bacio

Oct. 27:  Monica Corwin

Oct. 28:  April Riley

Oct. 29:  Candi Fox

Oct. 30:  Timothy Deal

Oct. 31:  JoLynne Valerie

Thursday, October 2, 2014

If I think about it, it's ironic, really.
I can see spirits, for strangers.
I can talk to their Angels, too.
But I can't see or talk to my mother.  Or my father.

Sometimes I think I feel them, but that feeling is fleeting.
I long to know things.
Like... are they together?
Is everything okay with them, again?
Do they see me?  Do they come?
Are they proud of me?

I've heard it, a million times.
The Angel Whisperer, the Ghost Whisperer, can whisper for others, but not herself.
I suppose... I'm okay with that.
I always knew it would be this way.
When I signed up, I knew I'd be in service to others.

But, just... it's Autumn.
We all loved Autumn.
I miss them.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Encounter With The Angels...

Late last winter, I had the most amazing experience at the lakehouse. I  haven't been able to speak about it until now but, apparently, now's the time...

Jon and I drove up from the condo one Friday night, and arrived late to the lakehouse, as we often did.

The following morning, while making coffee in the kitchen, I became aware of... Angelic presence, unlike any other I'd ever sensed, before.

I stopped, closed my eyes, and focused with all my might, on honing in on the Angels.

There were four of them.
They stood, outside the lakehouse, as if at a post.
Two were out front, looking out across the water.
Two were at the back of the house, facing the opposite direction. They stood at the four corners of the house, stoically, as if assigned.

Jon came into the kitchen and looked at me, quizzically.
I imagine I was quite the sight. There I stood, holding coffee scooper mid-air, mouth half open, staring out the window.

Jon stood there a moment, waiting for me to say... something.  

Finally I said,  "There are four of them," I said. "Two at the front, two in the back. They don't talk. They won't talk to me."

Having been along with me for this ride with the Angels for some months now, Jon jumped right in and played along. "Angels?" he asked.

"Yes.  But they're... different." I whispered.  "I've never seen anything like them."

I recall whispering, because I was awestruck.  I remember I blinked, a few times.  Then, "They don't talk," I repeated. "They won't talk to me..."

I described them to my husband.

"They have multiple sets of wings... not just one.  And their faces... I can barely look. It's something I can't describe.  So many eyes, but they're not monsters.  And their wings... several winds.  And sometimes their wings are... ON FIRE."

When we went to bed that night, "Are they still out there?" Jon asked me.

The wind was howling that night; the lake was making that constant shhhhhhh I loved.

"Yes, they're still there," I whispered.

As I fell asleep, I prayed for the answers to the most intriguing questions at hand. *Why don't they talk? Why won't they talk to me? Why are they here?? What ARE they??*

Around 6:00 the following morning, I sat up in bed with such a start that it awakened Jon.

"What is it??" he asked.
"I have to know," I said. "I HAVE to know!"

The Angels were still out there.  Two at the front, two at the back.  The only different thing was, sometimes, they'd ROTATE.  Sometimes, they'd turn and face BACKWARDS, sing something, then face forwards again. I couldn't take it anymore. I had to know.

I grabbed my laptop, and googled *Angels with multiple wings and eyes that don't talk, and sometimes catch on fire".

The result: SERAPHIM.

Since then, I have researched the Seraphim, in depth.
I have learned many things about them.  I believe I know why they were outside my lakehouse, that weekend.

Their primary purpose is to give praises to God, but sometimes, sometimes... they are dispatched, on a mission.

What kind of mission?  My humility wants to prevent me from saying... but, Seraphim are sometimes dispatched to protect those with a divinely anointed mission.  Apparently... I was both worthy and in need of hardcore protection.

If I had ever questioned the validity or importance of my work, all that ended, that weekend.

THIS, among many other reasons, is why I am fiercely and passionately committed.
This Angel whispering thing... is who I am.  Yes yes, ParaGoddess.  Yes yes, Intuition.  But this... commands a separate space, an elevated space...  And it's become such a part of who I am.

Thank you for reading. xoxo JoLynne

Monday, August 18, 2014

✦ PREDICTIONS ~ September, October, & November, 2014 ✦

The following are my predictions for the months of September, October, and November, 2014.  Please take note of your reaction when you read; some of you may have an instinctive or Intuitive response when reading.  If so, that particular prediction may be of significance for your life.

Where do these predictions come from?  I believe as with my readings, they are a blend of information I've gleaned or honed in on Intuitively, and messages from the Angels.  That said, let's get right into it.


1.  LIVES WILL CHANGE LANES  ~  The month of September will bring swift and rapid changes for many.  As I've been saying, lives are changing lanes.

Many of us are going to receive sudden news that will set us on a new path.  Many of us are going to experience a change in your life that will ultimately point you in a different direction.

I see these changes affecting RELATIONSHIPS and CAREERS, primarily.  Old relationships will die in order for the individual to begin a necessary season of alone time, restoration, and growth.  That season will ultimately prepare you for the CORRECT person.

Conversely, new relationships will come into being.  Meetings will take place in the most unexpected of ways.  The old cliche "when you're not looking" will be very true, here.  The Angels say that the corps that facilitates souls meeting (yes, there are Angels that specifically arrange for people to meet) will be VERY active during this time.  So if you've been looking for love, GET READY.  If this applies to you, I doubt you'll have to work very hard, at all --- it will simply "happen"... and it will happen in the most charming and unexpected of ways.

Sudden terminations of employment will take place, as will promotions.  Initially the terminations will seem horrific; later the individuals will be grateful.  Because those people will be literally CHANGING LANES --- they're being staged for positions that better suit them.

This is NOT a season of entrepreneurialism; that was over the summer (see my predictions for the summer months:    ).  The Angels are clear that at this time, during the season that will span September through November, they will simply be "moving people to where they need to be" in order to maximize their satisfaction on the job AND their prosperity.

2.  PERSONAL SPIRITUAL QUESTS  ~  Many will be inspired to embark or re-embark on personal spiritual quests.  The age of do it yourself, "create my own belief system" is ending.  The Angels say many are going to be gripped with the need to quest for PURITY.  So, if you're a spiritual individual, get ready --- this may be you.

If this applies to you, you're going to be defining and refining, what you believe. You're going to become consumed with the big questions.  You're going to realize that your beliefs, whatever they are, MUST match up with your behavior and lifestyle.  To that end, you will be gripped by a desire for personal AUTHENTICITY.

Many of you will find you need to travel this road ALONE.  Some will experience the Angels coming to them; others will have to go and find them.  Either way, it's a journey for one.  The journey will culminate with a personal encounter during the latter part of October through mid November.  This is a formal prophecy.  Mark it down.  The encounters will consist of dreams, visitations, visions, undeniable "coincidences" and messages.  Get ready.  I am told this will be WIDESPREAD.  There is a clarion call that will be going out --- PEOPLE ARE BEING CALLE BACK TO THEIR CENTER, BACK TO THEIR ROOTS, BACK TO THEIR TRUE SPIRITUAL HOME.  No apologies for the caps; that message is simply THAT big.


1.  RELATIONSHIPS WILL FORM, AND GO DEEPER.  New and current relationships will root.  This is an interesting phenomena to me, as October is traditionally the month when, due to Autumn, things begin to die away.  Yet, I am told that October is the month when new love will root.  In relationships that are blessed, things will happen FAST --- that is ALWAYS the earmark of a blessed relationship.  Do not listen to the warnings of others (be careful, slow down, take it easy); listen to your HEART.  Your heart always knows what's right for you.  It is when we DON'T listen to our hearts, that we regret it.

These relationships will take on a very particular sheen.  They will be marked by shared coincidences, dreams of each other, instances of deja vu when together.  Be on the lookout.

For both the new relationships that form, AND the current ones that begin to go deeper, a test will come around HOLIDAY TIME.  Be prepared for that.  How the test is handled, will affect the future of that relationship.  Honesty, loyalty, and honor will be KEY.

2.  PERSONAL RECLAMATIONS  ~  During the month of October, many will feel the need to reclaim some things they have lost.  I do not mean personal items, I mean personal loves, passions, interests, hobbies, dreams.  If this is already speaking to you, then ask yourself: WHAT HAVE I GIVEN UP, OR LOST?  In the month of October, it will be time to reclaim it.

Those affected by this prophecy will feel there is no time to waste.  They will know that life is too short to live NOT in alignment and satisfaction, doing and pursuing what you love.  I see a return to the arts, a return to travel, a return to more family time and less work time.  I see a return to gentle forms of exercise, specifically yoga, swimming, and walking.  This will affect MANY of us, on a widespread level.  In my opinion, we are being returned to SIMPLICITY and SIMPLE PLEASURES.  I find this beautiful.  And I would like to share that the Angel who delivered this message was particularly beautiful.  She had a gentility to her that I truly cannot describe.

3.  A RETURN TO NATURE, EN MASSE ~  In the month of October, the woods, sea, forests, parks, lakes, and oceans will be calling MANY.  On an incredibly widespread level, individuals will find they can no longer tolerate moderate amounts of outdoors time.

There will be a craving en masse, to experience the elements in their rawest and more pure form --- the wind, bodies of water, the scent of trees in a forest, stilted afternoon sunshine whilst on a walk, an Autumn bonfire.

4.  SPIRIT VISITATIONS  ~  Be on the lookout for dreams and visions of the dead.  As the Veil between this world and the next thins toward the end of the month, many will have spirit encounters, the majority of which will be positive.  I expect AN ALL TIME LOW presence of negative energies this Halloween; the Angels assure me they have been (and are) at work, IN FORCE, on this issue.


1.  PROJECTS IN THE REALM OF CAREER  ~  Many of us will engage in a personal project as regards our CAREER in the month of November.  New ideas will be birthed, or new inspiration of an existing project will arrive.  People will be feeling massively inspired and driven to take their career to the next level.

Along with this, many who are currently working in "jobs" will begin to long for a CAREER.  To this end, I see many deciding to take online courses, register for additional schooling, or training in order to begin a new career path.

2.  PERSONAL TRANSFORMATIONS  ~  This will be happening en masse, so please pay attention.  During the month of October, many people will experience an awakening as regards the role they play in their own health, lifestyle, appearance, and how they feel about themselves.  As a result, there will be a massive movement toward holistic health and alternative healing modalities.

People who were formerly afraid to try something alternative for an existing condition, will now be motivated to do so.  People who thought they could never give up certain things in their diet, will suddenly decide to change the way they eat.  As a result, these individuals will add years on to their lives.  Their personal Angels will be on hand to assist with the transformations.  ***IMPORTANT, TAKE NOTE:  Because the Angels will be assisting with these transformations, if you experienced failure or poor results in the past, EXPECT SUCCESS, NOW.  Angels are GAME CHANGERS.  Stop doubting.***

3.  RECONCILIATIONS  ~  People who had separated, will consider reconciliation.  Couples that had broken up, will reunite.  Family members who are estranged, will establish communications again.  The Angels tell me they will be working GLOBALLY to reunite the right people.  Notice what I said there: THE RIGHT PEOPLE.  So this will not apply to everyone.

Expect odd and unexpected apologies, words you felt you were due, but never came.  People are going to be realizing their mistakes, and the impact they've had on others, and decide to do the right thing --- take ownership of their behavior, and APOLOGIZE.  If this happens to you, be graceful.  Understand that it took bravery and strength for the person to come to you and apologize.  How we receive apologies, is important, too.

This will happen as a result of the Angels working in people's lives, to make us more aware, more humble, more compassionate, more accountable, in possession of greater integrity.

4.  REUNIONS  ~  This one is huge.  This is incredibly big.  Long lost family members will be reunited.  Pets that had been lost, will find their way home.  Children who were adopted, will decide to seek out their biological family.  The Angels say they are going to be facilitating many reunions.

At this time, I feel I must also issue a warning.  Expect to "run into" people you once knew.  In the grocery store, at a restaurant, in a coffee shop, or on the street.  There are going to be reunions.  WHY??  Because certain people and animals are going to be brought HOME, while others are going to receive a LAST CALL (as in, it will be their "last call" on whether or not they're going to be in your life).


And that wraps up my predictions for the months of September, October, and November.  Feel free to post your comments and thoughts.

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