IT DOESN'T TAKE MUCH TO MAKE ME HAPPY. A flickering candle, smoldering incense. Delicious food. Good wine. Honorable, passionate people. Dazzling sunsets. Enchanting moonbeams. A sensuous life. Perfect espresso to make the perfect cappuccino. For readers to love my books.

Okay, maybe I need to rephrase that opening thought. New opening thought: I AIM HIGH.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Up from out of sleep... into the light

Have you ever been so excited, so super-charged by a vision, a project, that it wakes you up out of a deep sleep?? 

Right now, my projects are saying:  Work on me... give me your energy and attention... Help me grow!

Oh and, I went blonde for the sunshine months. 

A girl likes to change things up.  What do you think?

I had a vision of being on Ocracoke again, and I knew I had to be lighter, when I go.  I saw the new open for the show being filmed, and I knew I had to be lighter.  I saw the lakehouse under construction, and I was lighter.

Lighter, in so many ways...  And also, because apparently, I'm part mermaid.

Everything's changing.  Again.  
xoxo  #ParaGoddess  #AngelWhisperer

Monday, April 21, 2014

Let them go

I have a friend who's really struggling, right now.  She continues to wrestle with releasing the memories of an old relationship, the hope that someday it'll come back around.  I've talked to her again and again, and somewhere inside she knows my advice to move on is the right advice, but her heart is still in that place, still feeling it.

I wrote about this just last week, but I'm going to write about it again.  Because it bears repeating, and so many of us need to hear it, one more time.

Your destiny is NEVER, EVER tied to anyone who walks away from you.
If they left you, let them go.
If they were able to move on so easily, forget and turn their back so easily, they absolutely do not hold the key to your happiness.  And should they have the key to your heart??

Perhaps it's time to take the focus away from letting go for one moment, and focus instead on the why. Perhaps it's time to ask yourself why you want to be with someone that detached, that reckless, that distracted, that selfish, that doubting, that non-committal.  Someone who doesn't make you their priority, can live without  you?

Where is there a void in you?  What void do you need to fill?  I promise, ultimately the true issue is the condition of yourself.

I'm loving and patient with my friend; I know her struggle is still very real.  And I know right where she's at.  A couple of years ago, we were struggling with this very issue, together.  We were heartbroken and mystified, confused and somehow still believing.  Believing our broken relationships would turn around; they'd be back, they'd come to their senses, show up, make it alright again.

But that's just it... a couple of years ago.  Since then, I healed and moved on... she has not yet.  The holding on is making her sick, and keeping her stuck.  She's repeating old patterns, living in old places, dwelling too long on old memories.  A part of her longs for something new and fresh, but she just can't muster the motivation to start walking there.  The day she understands her destiny isn't tied to someone who left her, is the day she'll begin her journey to new life.

Early in our relationship, Jon and I encountered a terrible crisis.  How terrible?  We were falling hard and fast, but still... I found shocking texts, in his phone one day.  He'd just returned from a business trip to Germany; we were driving in the car, and he handed me his phone, asked me to text his daughter on his behalf.  When I opened the text app, there they were... texts not to his daughter, but a conversation with someone he'd dated.

How do you think I reacted?  Little 5'1", petite, Scorpio me?  To say flipped out, would be an understatement.  True, he hadn't initiated the conversation with this girl, but he'd engaged in it.  True, he hadn't accepted an invitation to a party, but he hadn't said anything about me, either.  (Did I mention this girl is a model?  No really, she's a NYC swimsuit model.  Adding salt to the wound, we could be sisters; she has my look, exactly.)

We stood in the foyer of the lakehouse, me no longer crying, just angry and hurt.  There were no more words to be said; I couldn't move past the fact that he'd replied to the text in the first place, when it would have been so easy to simply not.  I ordered him out.  It's over, I said.  I can never trust you.  LEAVE. 

I meant it... sort of.
Everything hinged on what Jon did next, and I knew that.
Later, a friend told me I'd attempted to sabotage the relationship.  But that wasn't the case; I wasn't sabotaging; I was testing.  Testing the reality.  Testing the stability.  Testing the potential.  Testing.

Jon looked at me for the longest moment, and then... SAT DOWN. 
No, he said.  I'm not leaving. 
I insisted (sort of...) and he said, I'm not leaving, JoLynne.  I can't go back without you, and there's no way this is over.  It can't be over.  We're just getting started.  I'M NOT LEAVING.

I don't tell this story to brag.
I tell this story to illustrate.

Your. Destiny. Is. NEVER. Tied. To. Someone. That. Leaves. You.
If they can give you up, let them go.

When the time is right, and the condition of your heart is receptive... when you heal and expand into a space where love can happen, love will happen.  The right kind of love.  Isn't that what you deserve?

Waning Moon posts regarding release.
Apparently that's what we're doing.
Right on.

Hugs and happy stuff,
xoxo  #ParaGoddess  #AngelWhisperer

The power is in letting go

Sometimes, in the midst of our struggle and at the most terrifying time, we have to simply let go.  Let go of the idea that we're in control.

The idea of not being in complete control scares people.  It's terrifying, because in a volatile world, there's so much we can't control.  Unless we retreat to a self-built compound in the woods or on a mountaintop in the middle of nowhere, we can't control what's in our water, what's in the air we breathe, what the car behind us is going to do.  And in our lives, we often can't control the way others are going to receive or treat us.

Press Play ~

I don't believe in manipulating anything or anyone, and I never did.
I will use all of my creative and metaphysical ability to breathe positive change and outcomes into my own life and I will help the lives of those closest to me when they ask for it, but I will never attempt to manipulate anything or anyone simply to suit my desires, and I don't recommend you try it, either.  The karmic implications simply aren't worth it.  And in the end, it doesn't work anyway.  There is a power much bigger than us, and that power ultimately decides final outcomes.

And that is why sometimes, we need to let go.
Put down the struggle, and have a little faith.
Do all you can - by all means, do all you can - but when your efforts are exhausted and there's still no sign of an end, a solution, an answer, let it go.  It's time to get Spirit involved.

Times like that, Spirit needs to step in.
It's not about something you can do; it's about something only the Divine can do.
The answer isn't going to come from your stress; the answer is going to come when you step into a place of peace and trust.

You won't see it coming.  You may catch a scent of your solution or outcome-to-be on the wind, you may begin feeling some type of way, knowing in your core, that the answer is coming.    But often, when Spirit works, our answers come from a place we never dreamed.  In a way we couldn't have imagined.  It's that divine orchestration I talked about in my last post.

What are you holding onto, today?
What are you still struggling with, still trying to resolve?
Perhaps today's the day to let it go.

People think letting go is a sign of surrender.  That turning things over to Spirit, is insanity, a pipe dream, ridiculous.  Wrong.  It's a sign of strength.  It shows that you trust, you believe.  It shows that you're smart enough to know that you're good, you can do a lot, but there are supernatural forces with abilities far beyond your own, and you're smart enough to know that now is the time to call in the big guns.

For those struggling with something today, in need of some supernatural big guns, to effect a change, shift, or create a solution... say these words aloud:

I call on my Angels for assistance.
Help me to get where I'm supposed to be.
Help me to be strong and release, so you can work for my highest good.
Help me to stay open, when new ideas and paths arrive.
Today, I let go. 
Today, I trust.  
Today, I open my heart, my mind, and my spirit, to a new outcome.

Love, light, and beautiful things,
xoxo  #ParaGoddess  #AngelWhisperer

3:00 a.m.

I should be sleeping, but my mind is swimming; I feel in a dreamy state of awe and wonder.  I can't stop thinking about the weekend, this Easter, and other wispy, spirit-inspired thoughts...

This weekend was powerful, in several ways.  Whereas a few days ago, I was the one being bombarded with supernatural experiences, this weekend, it was my husband's turn.  He's a deeply spiritual man, a dedicated believer, but I tell you, this weekend left that man reeling.  No, no details; not every story should be told.

And me?  I feel a tingly electricity in the air.  I feel a shift.  An opening.  Something's about to happen.

I've sensed this kind of thing before; it was present right before I left the big house in Penfield; it was present to a new height right before I met Jon; it was present in 2010 when my career was on fire; it was present the autumn before my mother died, and it was present last October when I got a very important, life-changing call.  Now, as sure as I'm typing this post when I should be sleeping, something draws near, again.

If I had to put it down to a vibration, I'd commit to 555.  The harbinger of change.  The precursor to a paradigm shift.  555 is a game-changer, a clarity-bringer, a life-path director.

As I stood in the kitchen cooking our Easter dinner, I remembered my first Easter Sunday at the lakehouse.  We didn't have beds yet; the kids were in sleeping bags, I was on blankets.  I did the sweetest Easter baskets for the girls, and left them out on the kitchen table.  We were so excited to be there; excited to start a new life.  But I was aware I'd taken a huge risk.  I'd made a big jump, walked away from what some would consider a dream life.  But it wasn't a dream; it was often too much like a nightmare, so I decided to walk my talk as far as authenticity, and roll the dice, one more time.  I was afraid, and I was hopeful.  I was terrified, and I was thrilled.  I was going on faith, and faith alone.

Have you ever done that?  Have you ever made a life decision so big, so dangerous, with so much potential to either completely ruin you, or conversely, re-create you, that you're practically electrified with a heady mix of both terror and excitement?

The other night, Jon and I relived how we met, and marveled, for the millionth time, at just how orchestrated, how clearly and indisputably Divinely arranged, our meeting was.  We went on to relive our first phone call, first date, first this, first that.

How did this happen?
How did this man wander into my life, and establish himself the love of my life?
How do I deserve it?
How can this be?

And how does he support my career so much?
How is it that he possesses the exact skillset and passion to support me so completely?  (Jon produced my book trailers Give Me A Reason and House On The Hill; as well, he's the cameraman for The Angel Diaries.  He's also working on a sort-of secret ParaGoddess project, which I hope to announce, soon.)

We have ridiculously obscure things in common.  Even our quirks, match up.  Every quality other men have disliked, are the exact qualities my husband loves.  How did this happen??

I already told you.  It was Divinely orchestrated.  It can happen to you, too.

I cannot emphasize the power of spirituality, faith, and prayer, enough.
And right now, I cannot express my gratitude enough.

Happy Easter, luvs.  A belated wish, but sincere.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter at the Lakehouse

I got up early, and put up curried lentils in the crockpot.  Laden with veggies: sweet onion, celery, carrot, yellow pepper.  I'm always inspired to cook, and this inspiration colors my daily experience.  And when it comes to cooking, I'm so inspired at the lakehouse.   This is what women do, when they're content.  This is what women do, when they love and need to express it, out loud.  Don't hate; this is a truth.

After the crockpot was full, and the coffee pot all set for when everyone else woke up, I bundled up in my favorite Northface and Uggs, and walked across to the beach, just Jynx and me.

It was just like in my dream.
That vivid dream I'd had a little over an hour, before.
The one where I'd opened the front door of the lakehouse to find the water and sand were right outside.

The tide today, is high.
The water's creeping up, the tide's coming in.
The sand is clean and dusty, but heavily littered with striped mussel shells.
And the sun... will you look at that brilliant risen sun...

In the process of this life, I've become better at hearing the quiet whisperings of my Intuition.
The Angels showed up, and changed everything.  Took everything to another level.
Intuition is powerful.  But with the Angels present, it's like Intuition is on drugs...

A new surge is approaching.
A new beginning.
A huge shift.
I feel it, I smell it.  And it's so strong, I can taste it.
I realize these days, I'm living one foot in this world, the other foot, somewhere else.....

But as far as the sum and substance of this post, what's most relevant is: I'm grateful to be here.
Grateful for the sunrise.
Grateful for the sound of the waves.
Grateful for the approaching holiday (I love stuffing Easter baskets!  I love cooking for a crowd!  I was born to do this family thing!).
Grateful for the beauty of this morning, and the blessings in my life.

Light and love to you, babe... light and love.

xoxo  #ParaGoddess #AngelWhisperer

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Angels did it again.  They added new stuff.  I'm not complaining; I'm sharing.  I'm not overwhelmed; I'm awestruck.

Yesterday, for the first time, I was given an Angel's name, in a reading.  It was so clear, I was so sure, I didn't hesitate to speak it, to tell my client.

Then today, multiple things happened... multiple.  One after another, in fairly rapid succession.  

I stood in my bathroom, doing my hair, and thought, Is this for fucking real?!  (Stop with that.  The Angels know I swear.  They know exactly who I am.)  What else was there?  What were the other new things?

Well, I was given another Angel's name, in a reading today.  That makes a second time.  Then, they changed my opening blessing (I always start each reading with a blessing).  They changed it completely!  The words didn't come from me; they flowed through me.

And then, later, for the first time ever, I was given a clear, direct message for myself.  That message was incredible, and powerful.  Now I know how my clients must feel.

That's not all.
Several days ago, Jon asked if I ever see his Angels, if I ever get messages for him.  In a small, apologetic voice, I said, I'm sorry... no.    Well guess what?!  Looks like I spoke too soon, because not only did I receive several powerful and accurate messages for my husband today, but two of his Angels revealed themselves to me.  And then his father, who passed in 1990, gave me a message.

Big, right?
I know.
But that's not all...

Today, for the first time I saw that the Angels are here for me.  I feel like they're supporting me, protecting me.  Only twice in my life have I felt I no longer need to be afraid.  The first time was the day I took my wedding vows to Jon, on our beach.  The second time, was today.

Reporting from the front lines...  Angel Whisperer, over and out.

Spiritual Housekeeping

With the passing of that incredible Pink/Blood Moon (in depth details and my full report, on Facebook and Instagram), we are currently immersed in the early days of our Waning Moon period.  Now is the time to release, let go, make space for new growth.  In other words, now is an excellent time for Spiritual Housekeeping.

We all want expansion, in our lives.  We all want new growth.  in order to make room for new blessings,  new perspectives, ways of thinking and new behaviors, we must clear a space.  In order to receive new projects, new opportunities, new growth, we must release (and if necessary, heal) the old.

How do we do that?
Spiritual Housekeeping.
By tending to our spirits, taking care of our souls.
By calling on our  Angels for support and assistance; by choosing to release what does not serve us.

Tonight, release stress and worry.  Identify negative or harmful habits, and commit to cutting them out of your life.  Release fear; fear of growth, fear of change, fear of failure, even success.

And let's release the need to micromanage things.  Let's trust that not only does a Higher Power have our backs, but that Higher Power is using all people, situations, and things in our lives, to ultimately achieve our highest good.  Believing and receiving that truth, gives us the kind of peace and rest we need.

Another form of Spiritual Housekeeping, is to nurture yourself, literally.  Take good care of yourself, darling.  Get the rest you need.  Drink enough water.  Cut down o the foods you know aren't good for you.  Do little things for yourself, in order to keep yourself centered, content, sane.

As the moo wanes, let's banish negativity from our lives.
No longer will the harmful or ill-intended be allowed in our space.
No longer will those who aren't on our vibrational level or in alignment with our highest good, be allowed to have a place in our circle.
And negative energies or spirits are simply not allowed in our vicinity.

If you're feeling these messages deep in your soul, as I am, light a white candle with me, luv.  Let's do the high work of Spiritual Housekeeping, together.

xoxo from my heart to yours...  Blessings for rest and renewal, stability and potential.

#ParaGoddess  #AngelWhisperer


Snapshot from a day in the life.

More done this morning from bed, than a gazillion executives from their offices, I guarantee you.

Met a deadline, had a conference call, ran some edits, took phone calls, did readings, worked on the new book.

All before the kids got out of school.
While a batch of blueberry-raspberry scones were in the oven.  

Can I get an Amen?!

xoxo  #ParaGoddess  #AngelWhisperer

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Call me old fashioned, but...

With me, family comes first.  And I never lose faith.  In times of trouble, in times of challenge, in times of transition, adversity or lack, I choose to believe a higher power is working for my good.  And you know what?  That higher power hasn't let me down yet.

I'm a lover, and a dreamer.  I pour out all I have on those I love, and I take the greatest delight in seeing them enjoy my simple gifts... a hot meal, a cute note, a batch of cookies.  And yes, I do dream.  I'm always believing for more blessings, more opportunities, more reasons to live and thrive.

And, hey...  Yeah, those are smile lines.  I've been laughing a lot lately (that's a blessing) and smiling ridiculously often---at the kids across the dinner table, at strangers in the grocery store, alone in my car just because I love and feel the Angels so much.  Makes us real, those smile lines.  S'all okay... it means we're living.

And yep, this is me, no makeup.  All that hair pinned up, too.  Because glamour is beautiful, but so is simplicity.  Because a woman should be able to show her real self, and feel comfortable with that.  Because I know, pared down and raw like this, is more than enough.  I'm just me, and I hope you love me as I am.

And yes, I'm grateful for this new day.  Grateful for every email I've received, telling me how anxious you are for the next episode of The Angel Diaries, how much your Intuitive Angel Reading meant to you, how much you loved my book, that short story I wrote, that inspirational post you just read...  I can't tell you how much it means to me.  The world... the whole world.

xoxo  #ParaGoddess  #AngelWhisperer

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Writing.  Working on an exciting new project.  Listening to:

But I dunno...  I find I've moved on in many ways.
These days, I favor this:

The gorgeous orchestration.
The refined beauty.
It's not for everyone, but it's for me.

Personal note:  a small respite, today.  It's my west coast day; I'm not working with clients until later... which leaves my morning open for music, writing, and whatever else sustains my soul.

Here in the NYC area, the rain is pouring down.
It's beautiful, therapeutic even...
But my heart is at my crooked lil lakehouse, and the wooded trails are calling me.

xoxo  #ParaGoddess #AngelWhisperer