IT DOESN'T TAKE MUCH TO MAKE ME HAPPY. A flickering candle, smoldering incense. Delicious food. Good wine. Honorable, passionate people. Dazzling sunsets. Enchanting moonbeams. A sensuous life. Perfect espresso to make the perfect cappuccino. For readers to love my books.

Okay, maybe I need to rephrase that opening thought. New opening thought: I AIM HIGH.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween Blog Hop 2014!

It's that time of year, again!  I'm so excited to be featuring my Annual Halloween Blog Hop... for the fourth year!  Woo-hoo!

This  year, I'm simply pleased as punch to be hosting some truly talented writers and authors, along with some "newbies" for you to discover!

Be sure to follow along each day, for hauntingly good fun!  Each day, a different writer, a different post.  Keep a sharp eye, too!  Some of us will be featuring give-aways.  :)

This year's lineup is:

Oct. 22:  Andrew Brewer

Oct. 23:  Julie Morgan

Oct. 25:  Audie Rose

Oct. 26:  Louisa Bacio

Oct. 27:  Monica Corwin

Oct. 28:  April Riley

Oct. 29:  Candi Fox

Oct. 30:  Timothy Deal

Oct. 31:  JoLynne Valerie

Thursday, October 2, 2014

If I think about it, it's ironic, really.
I can see spirits, for strangers.
I can talk to their Angels, too.
But I can't see or talk to my mother.  Or my father.

Sometimes I think I feel them, but that feeling is fleeting.
I long to know things.
Like... are they together?
Is everything okay with them, again?
Do they see me?  Do they come?
Are they proud of me?

I've heard it, a million times.
The Angel Whisperer, the Ghost Whisperer, can whisper for others, but not herself.
I suppose... I'm okay with that.
I always knew it would be this way.
When I signed up, I knew I'd be in service to others.

But, just... it's Autumn.
We all loved Autumn.
I miss them.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Encounter With The Angels...

Late last winter, I had the most amazing experience at the lakehouse. I  haven't been able to speak about it until now but, apparently, now's the time...

Jon and I drove up from the condo one Friday night, and arrived late to the lakehouse, as we often did.

The following morning, while making coffee in the kitchen, I became aware of... Angelic presence, unlike any other I'd ever sensed, before.

I stopped, closed my eyes, and focused with all my might, on honing in on the Angels.

There were four of them.
They stood, outside the lakehouse, as if at a post.
Two were out front, looking out across the water.
Two were at the back of the house, facing the opposite direction. They stood at the four corners of the house, stoically, as if assigned.

Jon came into the kitchen and looked at me, quizzically.
I imagine I was quite the sight. There I stood, holding coffee scooper mid-air, mouth half open, staring out the window.

Jon stood there a moment, waiting for me to say... something.  

Finally I said,  "There are four of them," I said. "Two at the front, two in the back. They don't talk. They won't talk to me."

Having been along with me for this ride with the Angels for some months now, Jon jumped right in and played along. "Angels?" he asked.

"Yes.  But they're... different." I whispered.  "I've never seen anything like them."

I recall whispering, because I was awestruck.  I remember I blinked, a few times.  Then, "They don't talk," I repeated. "They won't talk to me..."

I described them to my husband.

"They have multiple sets of wings... not just one.  And their faces... I can barely look. It's something I can't describe.  So many eyes, but they're not monsters.  And their wings... several winds.  And sometimes their wings are... ON FIRE."

When we went to bed that night, "Are they still out there?" Jon asked me.

The wind was howling that night; the lake was making that constant shhhhhhh I loved.

"Yes, they're still there," I whispered.

As I fell asleep, I prayed for the answers to the most intriguing questions at hand. *Why don't they talk? Why won't they talk to me? Why are they here?? What ARE they??*

Around 6:00 the following morning, I sat up in bed with such a start that it awakened Jon.

"What is it??" he asked.
"I have to know," I said. "I HAVE to know!"

The Angels were still out there.  Two at the front, two at the back.  The only different thing was, sometimes, they'd ROTATE.  Sometimes, they'd turn and face BACKWARDS, sing something, then face forwards again. I couldn't take it anymore. I had to know.

I grabbed my laptop, and googled *Angels with multiple wings and eyes that don't talk, and sometimes catch on fire".

The result: SERAPHIM.

Since then, I have researched the Seraphim, in depth.
I have learned many things about them.  I believe I know why they were outside my lakehouse, that weekend.

Their primary purpose is to give praises to God, but sometimes, sometimes... they are dispatched, on a mission.

What kind of mission?  My humility wants to prevent me from saying... but, Seraphim are sometimes dispatched to protect those with a divinely anointed mission.  Apparently... I was both worthy and in need of hardcore protection.

If I had ever questioned the validity or importance of my work, all that ended, that weekend.

THIS, among many other reasons, is why I am fiercely and passionately committed.
This Angel whispering thing... is who I am.  Yes yes, ParaGoddess.  Yes yes, Intuition.  But this... commands a separate space, an elevated space...  And it's become such a part of who I am.

Thank you for reading. xoxo JoLynne

Monday, August 18, 2014

✦ PREDICTIONS ~ September, October, & November, 2014 ✦

The following are my predictions for the months of September, October, and November, 2014.  Please take note of your reaction when you read; some of you may have an instinctive or Intuitive response when reading.  If so, that particular prediction may be of significance for your life.

Where do these predictions come from?  I believe as with my readings, they are a blend of information I've gleaned or honed in on Intuitively, and messages from the Angels.  That said, let's get right into it.


1.  LIVES WILL CHANGE LANES  ~  The month of September will bring swift and rapid changes for many.  As I've been saying, lives are changing lanes.

Many of us are going to receive sudden news that will set us on a new path.  Many of us are going to experience a change in your life that will ultimately point you in a different direction.

I see these changes affecting RELATIONSHIPS and CAREERS, primarily.  Old relationships will die in order for the individual to begin a necessary season of alone time, restoration, and growth.  That season will ultimately prepare you for the CORRECT person.

Conversely, new relationships will come into being.  Meetings will take place in the most unexpected of ways.  The old cliche "when you're not looking" will be very true, here.  The Angels say that the corps that facilitates souls meeting (yes, there are Angels that specifically arrange for people to meet) will be VERY active during this time.  So if you've been looking for love, GET READY.  If this applies to you, I doubt you'll have to work very hard, at all --- it will simply "happen"... and it will happen in the most charming and unexpected of ways.

Sudden terminations of employment will take place, as will promotions.  Initially the terminations will seem horrific; later the individuals will be grateful.  Because those people will be literally CHANGING LANES --- they're being staged for positions that better suit them.

This is NOT a season of entrepreneurialism; that was over the summer (see my predictions for the summer months:    ).  The Angels are clear that at this time, during the season that will span September through November, they will simply be "moving people to where they need to be" in order to maximize their satisfaction on the job AND their prosperity.

2.  PERSONAL SPIRITUAL QUESTS  ~  Many will be inspired to embark or re-embark on personal spiritual quests.  The age of do it yourself, "create my own belief system" is ending.  The Angels say many are going to be gripped with the need to quest for PURITY.  So, if you're a spiritual individual, get ready --- this may be you.

If this applies to you, you're going to be defining and refining, what you believe. You're going to become consumed with the big questions.  You're going to realize that your beliefs, whatever they are, MUST match up with your behavior and lifestyle.  To that end, you will be gripped by a desire for personal AUTHENTICITY.

Many of you will find you need to travel this road ALONE.  Some will experience the Angels coming to them; others will have to go and find them.  Either way, it's a journey for one.  The journey will culminate with a personal encounter during the latter part of October through mid November.  This is a formal prophecy.  Mark it down.  The encounters will consist of dreams, visitations, visions, undeniable "coincidences" and messages.  Get ready.  I am told this will be WIDESPREAD.  There is a clarion call that will be going out --- PEOPLE ARE BEING CALLE BACK TO THEIR CENTER, BACK TO THEIR ROOTS, BACK TO THEIR TRUE SPIRITUAL HOME.  No apologies for the caps; that message is simply THAT big.


1.  RELATIONSHIPS WILL FORM, AND GO DEEPER.  New and current relationships will root.  This is an interesting phenomena to me, as October is traditionally the month when, due to Autumn, things begin to die away.  Yet, I am told that October is the month when new love will root.  In relationships that are blessed, things will happen FAST --- that is ALWAYS the earmark of a blessed relationship.  Do not listen to the warnings of others (be careful, slow down, take it easy); listen to your HEART.  Your heart always knows what's right for you.  It is when we DON'T listen to our hearts, that we regret it.

These relationships will take on a very particular sheen.  They will be marked by shared coincidences, dreams of each other, instances of deja vu when together.  Be on the lookout.

For both the new relationships that form, AND the current ones that begin to go deeper, a test will come around HOLIDAY TIME.  Be prepared for that.  How the test is handled, will affect the future of that relationship.  Honesty, loyalty, and honor will be KEY.

2.  PERSONAL RECLAMATIONS  ~  During the month of October, many will feel the need to reclaim some things they have lost.  I do not mean personal items, I mean personal loves, passions, interests, hobbies, dreams.  If this is already speaking to you, then ask yourself: WHAT HAVE I GIVEN UP, OR LOST?  In the month of October, it will be time to reclaim it.

Those affected by this prophecy will feel there is no time to waste.  They will know that life is too short to live NOT in alignment and satisfaction, doing and pursuing what you love.  I see a return to the arts, a return to travel, a return to more family time and less work time.  I see a return to gentle forms of exercise, specifically yoga, swimming, and walking.  This will affect MANY of us, on a widespread level.  In my opinion, we are being returned to SIMPLICITY and SIMPLE PLEASURES.  I find this beautiful.  And I would like to share that the Angel who delivered this message was particularly beautiful.  She had a gentility to her that I truly cannot describe.

3.  A RETURN TO NATURE, EN MASSE ~  In the month of October, the woods, sea, forests, parks, lakes, and oceans will be calling MANY.  On an incredibly widespread level, individuals will find they can no longer tolerate moderate amounts of outdoors time.

There will be a craving en masse, to experience the elements in their rawest and more pure form --- the wind, bodies of water, the scent of trees in a forest, stilted afternoon sunshine whilst on a walk, an Autumn bonfire.

4.  SPIRIT VISITATIONS  ~  Be on the lookout for dreams and visions of the dead.  As the Veil between this world and the next thins toward the end of the month, many will have spirit encounters, the majority of which will be positive.  I expect AN ALL TIME LOW presence of negative energies this Halloween; the Angels assure me they have been (and are) at work, IN FORCE, on this issue.


1.  PROJECTS IN THE REALM OF CAREER  ~  Many of us will engage in a personal project as regards our CAREER in the month of November.  New ideas will be birthed, or new inspiration of an existing project will arrive.  People will be feeling massively inspired and driven to take their career to the next level.

Along with this, many who are currently working in "jobs" will begin to long for a CAREER.  To this end, I see many deciding to take online courses, register for additional schooling, or training in order to begin a new career path.

2.  PERSONAL TRANSFORMATIONS  ~  This will be happening en masse, so please pay attention.  During the month of October, many people will experience an awakening as regards the role they play in their own health, lifestyle, appearance, and how they feel about themselves.  As a result, there will be a massive movement toward holistic health and alternative healing modalities.

People who were formerly afraid to try something alternative for an existing condition, will now be motivated to do so.  People who thought they could never give up certain things in their diet, will suddenly decide to change the way they eat.  As a result, these individuals will add years on to their lives.  Their personal Angels will be on hand to assist with the transformations.  ***IMPORTANT, TAKE NOTE:  Because the Angels will be assisting with these transformations, if you experienced failure or poor results in the past, EXPECT SUCCESS, NOW.  Angels are GAME CHANGERS.  Stop doubting.***

3.  RECONCILIATIONS  ~  People who had separated, will consider reconciliation.  Couples that had broken up, will reunite.  Family members who are estranged, will establish communications again.  The Angels tell me they will be working GLOBALLY to reunite the right people.  Notice what I said there: THE RIGHT PEOPLE.  So this will not apply to everyone.

Expect odd and unexpected apologies, words you felt you were due, but never came.  People are going to be realizing their mistakes, and the impact they've had on others, and decide to do the right thing --- take ownership of their behavior, and APOLOGIZE.  If this happens to you, be graceful.  Understand that it took bravery and strength for the person to come to you and apologize.  How we receive apologies, is important, too.

This will happen as a result of the Angels working in people's lives, to make us more aware, more humble, more compassionate, more accountable, in possession of greater integrity.

4.  REUNIONS  ~  This one is huge.  This is incredibly big.  Long lost family members will be reunited.  Pets that had been lost, will find their way home.  Children who were adopted, will decide to seek out their biological family.  The Angels say they are going to be facilitating many reunions.

At this time, I feel I must also issue a warning.  Expect to "run into" people you once knew.  In the grocery store, at a restaurant, in a coffee shop, or on the street.  There are going to be reunions.  WHY??  Because certain people and animals are going to be brought HOME, while others are going to receive a LAST CALL (as in, it will be their "last call" on whether or not they're going to be in your life).


And that wraps up my predictions for the months of September, October, and November.  Feel free to post your comments and thoughts.

✦  LEARN MORE about me and my work on my website:
✦  On my website, you may order signed copies of my books, and/or schedule an Intuitive Angel Reading with me.

Thank you for reading!
xoxo  JoLynne
#ParaGoddess  #Angel Whisperer

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

An Angel Walked In...

At exactly 4:44 a.m. on Monday morning, I awoke to see a figure standing in the doorway of my bedroom.  I said aloud:  "I can see you." My husband didn't hear me, never stirred.  She lingered but a moment, then moved away.  I got up, and followed.  I knew I was meant to.

In the dining room, I turned on a light, looked around.  Immediately, a series of images filled my mind.  I was shown things and given messages.  The Angel stayed only long enough to be sure I understood.  And then, she was gone.  Now, here I am.

I understand with clarity, that I am meant to take action on things she showed and told me.  I understand that it's the same for me, as it is for the clients I read and advise: messages have been  imparted; now it is entirely up to me, as to what I do with them.

One message was so radical, that as I told my husband, his face registered shock.
"Are you sure?" Jon asked.
I nodded.  "I'm sure," I said.

If there's one thing I know, it's that Angels are present in our lives, daily.  But when they intervene, when they step forth and impart a message, it's important.  The message can change our lives, create a shift, aid us in ways we may not be able to fully understand (yet).  Radical messages, the kind that don't make any sense to us, can often set a series of events in motion, that will eventually get us to where we need to be.  We can't see it.  We can't see how it could work; but they can.

If I'm being honest - and I don't want to offend anyone - but, if I'm being honest, one of my most poignant frustrations is when I observe a client not following Angelic directives received.  When I see someone I've read not doing what they were told to do.

I realize that sounds as though they're parenting us.  As though we're expected to be good little children and simply listen.  As though our free will is taken away.  That isn't the case, at all.  Not at all.  Listen to me, please, listen carefully.

When an Angel walks in, literally walks into our lives for the purpose of creating or initiating a relevant shift, we must stop and listen.  Moreover, if we want that shift, we must act.

The Angels are not people who were once alive.  They are not spirits or ghosts.  They are a supernatural race of beings tasked with, among other things, the job of guiding and assisting human lives in these dark and challenging times.

Angels can see things we can't see.  They know things we don't and can't know.  They can see outcomes and potential, they can see years down the road.

So sometimes, the directives they come to impart, do seem radical.  Sometimes, we're asked to do things that don't seem to make any sense, or that we simply don't want to do.

What did my Angel tell me, at 4:44 Monday morning?  She told me things that were important for me to know, for my life.  She gave me some gentle reminders and some clear instructions, regarding my path.  What exactly, did she tell me??  You'll know, dear reader, by what I do, in the coming months.

Yours in ongoing and complete awe,

Note:  444 is a Sacred Numerical Sequence used by the Archangels to announce their presence, their intervention, or the dispensation of divine protection over a human.  444 also ushers in stability and a strengthening of foundations.

Please visit my new website, for more on my career, my life, my work, my books, Intuitive Angel Readings, and many free gifts.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

5 Random Things About Me

Hello, readers, writers, and lovers of the interwebs!  Myself and some other AAD authors are going to be sharing 5 Random Things about ourselves, in a series of blog posts.

Why?  Why not?!  
For what?  Just because!

I mean, we sorta just want to share who we are.  We're excited to be coming to AAD, excited to meet readers!  So, we wanna get acquainted.  Cool?  :)

Now, I must issue a WARNING:  my stuff is sort of... (oh, what's the term...?)  out there.  But if you're good with that, then let's go!  Ready?  :)

1.  I was born with a Paranormal spoon in my mouth.  Well, not really a spoon, but... I was born into a family of gifted Intuitive women.  Women who could... - eh hem - speak to the dead, and see the future.  How's that for a family inheritance?!  Yeah, it freaked me when I was younger, but then I figured out how to keep it under control, and I realized I'm meant to use my ability to help others.  Hence my work as a Paranormal Investigator, and those readings I do as an Angel Whisperer.  Here's me doing my thang.  (Omgosh, this woman cried and cried, during her reading!  It was really powerful for her!  Made my day.)

Every Paranormal Romance or Supernatural Thriller I write, is based on real life stuff  I've personally seen or experienced.  Also, I'm the girl hosting the Supernatural Soiree --- three killer events!  I'll be doing Readings gallery style, teaching an Intuitive Development workshop, and I'm filming an episode of my show at AAD.  WOOT!  I'm also available for personal readings.  Hit me up here if you're interested. :)

Here's a lil vid of my books.   Oh, and a vid of some of the SICK SWAG I'm bringing to Authors After Dark!  

2.  I'm obsessed with food.  No really, I am.  It's nuts.  It's literally all I think about, and I cook stuff constantly.  Sometimes I make so much food, I have to give it away.  That's why I'll have free cuppy-cakes at my Author Table at AAD.  Or it might be cake-balls.  I haven't decided yet.  Either way, come get one!  Oh, and I just wrote a cookbook.  I had to.  T'was inevitable.  Here's some stuff I made in the past couple of days.  I made these stuffed peppers for the hubs on Friday, and I made myself that salad.  I also just developed a recipe for carrot cake balls.  See 'em down there?  Aren't they cute?!  


3.  I can't have gluten or dairy.  They do horrible things to my body.  Therefore, I crave them all the time.  It is my curse!  My burden!  The nemesis of my life!  Because truly, all I want---all I want---every single day, is to eat a butterscotch sundae, a big plate of freakin' lasagna, and some pizza with extra, extra cheese!  Oh crap, and can I have some rice pudding, too?  And some toast with butter?!  *deep breath, deep sigh*  Ah, I usually just have a salad or rice cake instead.  *shoulder drop, face palm*  Sucks.  Moving on.

4.  I'm obsessed with Savannah cats!  I love Bengals, too!  Have you seen these cats?!  They're insane! Just look!  Freakin' look at these babies!

The top one is a Savannah, the bottom is a Bengal.  I think I want them even more than I want pizza!  Wait.  No...  Maybe.  I dunno.  Whatever, I wish I could have them all.  A Savannah cat, a Bengal, and some pizza.  A girl can dream!

5.  I am one of the most positive people you'll ever meet.  No really, I am.  I've had a lot of challenges in my life, and my childhood was a real struggle.  So now I'm grateful, grateful, grateful!  I don't take anything for granted, I count my blessings every day.  I help others as much as I can, and I love to give!  If you haven't already, check out my inspirational posts on Facebook and Instagram.  I'm seriously on a mission to help others be positive, too.  Because I understand that positive energy creates all the stuff we want --- good health, good relationships, prosperity, happiness.  And yeah, even though my books are heavily supernatural, they're all super positive --- by the time you read the last sentence, you're feelin' goood!  All optimistic and smiley and stuff.  :) 

And that's my 5 random things!  Hey, come find me at AAD.  My Author Table is on the promenade, and I'll be at the Welcome Reception, as well as the Paranormal Party.  I'm hosting the Supernatural Soiree, and I'll be at The Bookies, The Sins & Virtues Ball and The Leather and Lace Ball, too.  Basically, I'm down to party like it's 1999!  (sorry)  

Thanks for reading, everyone!  See you in Charlotte!  

The Air Tonight...

The air is electric with possibility.  We are pregnant with potential.

Ghosts of the past have been exorcised.  Angels bearing news of our future have been welcomed in.

Now, we are immersed in preparation and cultivation.  Soon, we will celebrate.

A new thing is coming into our lives.  A shift, an elevation, an expansion, a deep blessing.

All that we've been though has prepared us for it.  All we have endured, has honed us for such a time as this.

GET READY.  That's all I can say.
This message isn't for everyone.  But if it's for you... if the Angels conspired and arranged for you to be here, at this moment, so you could read this message...  THEN GET READY. Your moment draws near.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


As sure as I know this is the month of July, and my name is JoLynne, I know that old cycles are ending, and new ones are about to begin.

I first caught a scent of this shift several days ago; it came to me in synchronicities and dreams. And then, the Angels instructed me outright, to write about it. So, here we go. Please pull up a chair and get comfy; I want to break this down for everyone, because the following message is relevant and significant, for many of us.

Many of us are going to be making some very dramatic changes in our lives. The types of cycles that are ending are BIG. This message applies to three groups of people:

1. Those who are ready to take a leap. You're not just thinking of getting new furniture, you're thinking of a new HOUSE. Maybe in a NEW CITY. You're not just thinking of working toward a promotion; you're thinking of changing CAREERS. You're not just thinking about eating less sugar, you're thinking about changing the way you eat, ENTIRELY.

You're ready to arrest a health concern, an ongoing fitness challenge, you're ready to invest in something BIG that can change your life.

Old cycles are ending. You're ready to move to the next level. You're ready for a new dimension. Chances are, you've come out of a challenging period, a period during which you endured some setbacks or trials, some lessons or pain. Those experiences deepened you and expanded you; now you're ready to take flight.

2. Those who are considering a change.  Some of you are contemplating making some shifts in your life. You haven't made a move yet, but you want to. I'm betting this post may be the last shred of motivation, you needed. You already knew an old cycle was trying to end; now you're willing to let it go.

3. Those who know they need to change some things, but they've been hesitant or sluggish.  Get ready, because the Angels say they have been given orders to TAKE ACTION in the lives of many humans, for their own good.

You waited too long; your situation is not getting any better; it's now beginning to affect others; you can't seem to get out of your own way so the Angels can deliver and bless you. THEREFORE, THEY'RE GOING TO SHIFT THINGS, FOR YOU. These shifts will manifest in relationships, living situations, matters of health and finance, parenting situations. The shifts may be perceived as positive or negative, based upon how comfortable/uncomfortable they make you. However, know this: ALL of the shifts, are for good, and the final outcome will be positive, in the end.

Why is all this happening??  Because new cycles are about to begin.
The break you've been waiting for, the job you've been wanting, the opportunity that's been long overdue, the breakthrough in your finances or relationship --- IT'S COMING.   Many of us are being taken to the next level.  All of the challenges we've faced, the hard work we've recently done (last several months) is about to pay off.  What we endured has given us the tenacity, ingenuity and preparedness, for what's coming.

What, exactly, is coming?  Increase.  Just remember: to whom much is given, much is required. So if you've been praying, affirming, or manifesting for a new career, new relationship, the means to do or have more in your life, be prepared, because opportunities are coming your way.

Many of you have been thinking about going back to school, reigniting an old flame, ending a relationship.  Some of you have been wanting to purchase a home, start a business, among many other dreams and desires.  The Angels say many of you are on the cusp of a new beginning.  Prepare to be blessed.
THE ANGELS ALSO SAY...  If you're in one of the above named three groups, you immediately recognized yourself, when you read the words.  If nothing else, know with a certainty, how your life truly is guided and supernaturally touched. Know tonight, that old cycles are ending, and new ones are about to begin in your life.

WHEN WILL THIS SHIFT BEGIN, AND HOW LONG WILL IT RUN?  The Angels say some people already began in the month of July, but the real rush will come at the start of AUGUST and continue through November, 2014. By the end of November, many will be settling in or working through the growing pains that inevitably come with large changes. By the end of December, true contentment will have set in. By New Years, for many of us, it truly will be a NEW YEAR.

xoxo JoLynne

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Don't Miss Your Moment Because You're Looking Back...

I feel obligated to tell you... (and I know of what I speak) that if you keep looking back, you may not arrive at your destination.

Your future isn't behind you, it's ahead of you.  And if you keep looking back, taking "all the time you need" to heal, mend, regroup, let go...  You may miss your moment.

If you keep investing in the wrong relationship, the wrong people, the wrong career, the wrong choices,  you may miss your moment, your true destination.

Please, for the love of all things holy, and for your own sake, choose another path.  That's all you have to do right now, is choose another path.  Because when we make that choice internally, our lives eventually respond, externally.

But your choice must be consistent.  Your decision must be sustained.  You can't falter, waver, or look back...

Right now, some of my readers are thinking:  "But you don't know what they did to me, JoLynne.   You don't know how bad it was.  You don't know what it felt like.  I can't get it out of my head.  It was horrible.  It changed me.  I can't recover.  I'm on the mend.  Let me heal a while more.  Let me do this my way."

And I'm saying ------- do it your way if you must, but be aware: you may not arrive at your destination; you may miss your moment.

And can I tell you something?  May I have the mic for just a moment longer?  Honey, I do know how bad it was.  I do know how it feels.  Shall I tell you what my mother did to me?  Shall I tell you the names my ex used to call me?  Shall I tell you how they bullied me in the ghetto, because I was small, pretty, quiet, artistic?  Shall I tell you about my desolate nights at the lakehouse, utterly alone?  No, I won't go there.  I don't live there anymore.  I refuse to wallow in the ashes of the past.  It happened.  I can't change it.  I took what I could use from it.  I've moved on.  Sure, the memories will remain, but... I've moved on.  You should, too.

Right now, you're thinking: "It's easy for you to say, JoLynne.  You changed your life.  You got out."  To that I would reply:  Yes, I did.  And I'm telling you how.  Are you listening??

There came a point in each of those (above referenced) scenarios where I somehow found the strength to say:  "I don't want this, it won't define me, this will not be my life."  You can say that, too.  I'll repeat:  when we say things internally, our lives begin to change, externally.

You must arrive at your destination.
You cannot miss your moment.

Your DESTINATION is the manifestation of the purpose that was pre-ordained for your life.  Your MOMENT is the turning point that changes your direction and points you toward your destination.

Please read that again.  I need you to truly get it.  It's big, it's important, it's vital, it's life-changing.

I couldn't linger in the ashes of an abusive mother; I couldn't linger in the ashes of betrayal; I had an appointment with my Destiny; I couldn't miss it.

I couldn't continue the Sunday Fundays with my girls on the beach; I couldn't teach ballet and just write in my journal every day; the Angels had scheduled my moment, my turning point --- I was scheduled to arrive at my destination (writing books again, stepping into my destiny as an Angel Whisperer, meeting the right man, reclaiming and redesigning my life) and I couldn't miss it.

What moments are you missing, because you're lingering too long in a place you don't belong?
What destination might you miss, because you're looking back, and not ahead?

It's time.
Any further healing that's required, the Angels will administer.
All that is needed at this moment, is your consent and participation.

If you're ready, say aloud:

I can't miss my moment.
I want that appointment with Destiny!
I must arrive at my appointed Destination.
I am open to receive the guidance and blessings I need.
Work on me, and work with me, Angels!

--- deep breath ---

And now, all I can say is...  GET READY.

Get ready, because, those are the very words I said.
I said them again, and again.  Over, and over.  Until... THEY CAME.
And when they did, everything changed.

You have a preordained appointment with Destiny.
You have scheduled life-changing moments.
Look up!  Look ahead!  You can't miss your moment.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Reading!

Come grab a copy of my true-to-life Paranormal novels!  Ahhhh, I love writing books!  Did you know all I ever wanted to be, ever since I was a little girl, is an author?  True story.  :)  But this Paranormal and Supernatural thing... well, that's who I am, too.  I love the work I do as a Paranormal Investigator, and I couldn't imagine not using my Intuition, and teaching others to develop and use their Intuition, too.  As far as the Angels go... once an Angel Whisperer, always an Angel Whisperer.  ;)

The coolest thing for me is, when I write my novels, I get to incorporate everything I experience in real life!  When I describe a haunting or supernatural shake-down in one of my novels, that's the way it really goes, kids.  When I talk about Angelic intervention, Intuition, psychic ability, prophetic dreams --- that's the way it really, actually, is!  So what'cha waitin' for?!  Come grab your summer reading!

AAD Attendees:  All books ordered prior to Authors After Dark 2014, will be waiting for you at the Conference.  Come find me at my Author's Table, to pick up your books!  
xoxo  ~JoLynne Valerie


Madison has been on a roll, lately.  She was just named top attorney at her firm; things never looked better for her career.  Best yet, Madison rarely thinks about her rocky past anymore.  Life is good.

But when her firm's CEO suddenly dies, Madison receives a surprise.  Lars Eichmann has left his star attorney a very special gift.  Madison is about to inherit, of all things.. a house.

But she hasn't inherited just any house... Madison's new home, high atop a hill, is a beautiful, ornate, Victorian manse.  The home is beautiful, but sometimes... strange.

Immediately, odd things begin to happen.  Things moving by themselves.  Voices in the night.  Soon, level headed Madison questions her own sanity.

There's a ghost in that house on the hill, a ghost with an urgent need to talk.  Can Madison suspect her doubt and fear?  Will she survive the shock of what is to come?  The woods surrounding the property hold a secret...  A terrible secret that must come to light.

Just when Madison feels close to her breaking point, one more terrible secret is revealed...  One that will change her life forever!


Aging rock star Cami Carmichael can accept the fact that she's remembered as little more than a one-hit wonder, but she will not accept the fact that her former drug addiction defines her.  Back in her small hometown, nestled in the mountains of upstate New York, Cami is rebuilding her life, and making peace with the past.

Kristle Dunne, the only child of a single parent, is known as Krazy Kristle, for her intense psychic ability.  The two women meet, and a fast friendship is formed.  A friendship that has everything to do with accepting and loving oneself,and others.

But when Hazen McCall, Kristle's childhood friend, becomes demonically oppressed and violent, Cami and Kristle find themselves pulled into an unthinkable scenario, where ultimately, the powers of good and evil, face off.

Paranormal Investigator Jensen White steps in to assist the situation.  What happens next is something no one could have seen coming... except Kristle, who saw it all before it ever happened, in a dream.

Will Jensen's team be able to free Hazen of the demon?  Will the trauma of what they see and sustain, scar Cami and Kristle, forever?  Could there be a purpose, a higher reason, in all this madness?  At one point in both of their lives, Cami and Kristle wished for a reason to live...  they're about to get one.


Kasia Kovalenko is a sociology student best known around campus for her sharp wit and passion for causes.  Lucas Alvarez, son of a famed oceanographer, is known as the tall, dark, and elusive man about campus.  The two meet in a student activist group, and their journey begins...

As the pair team up to work on environmental and animal rights projects, they become incredibly attracted to one another.  Soon, Kasia finds herself drawn into a frenzied relationship where soul-mate love and wild, addictive sex keep her tethered to Lucas, and he to her.  Kasia is thrilled she may have finally met her match...  But Lucas has a secret no one knows, a life quite separate from the respected one he leads outwardly.  When Kasia discovers Lucas' secret, her life and everything she believed about the supernatural world, are changed forever.

There is no turning back now...  Lucas has bonded with Kasia, and will not live without her.  For her part, Kasia has discovered a passion the likes of which she has never experienced.  But there are supernatural politics involved, and not everyone wants to see Lucas and Kasia happy together.  Tensions rise, confrontations occur.  Just when things seem at their most dire, a deeply hidden secret involving Kasia's own bloodline, change the rules of the game entirely.

To be together, both Kasia and Lucas must risk their lives in exchange for the irresistible, intoxicating, strange love they share.  BOOK TRAILER COMING SOON!


Holly has given up on love, choosing to focus on her career as a successful artist and her family role as the single, eccentric auntie.  But when a best-selling novelist hires Holly, asking her to "Paint my hero, my leading man..." little does Holly know her life is about to change.  By taking the hob, Holly has just embarked on a crash course with Destiny.

After painting all day and night, an intriguing face comes to life on Holly's canvas.  Imagine her surprise days later, when she meets the man she painted --- face to face, in real life!  His name is David, and he's the most handsome, in depth, and utterly wonderful man, Holly has ever met.  David is a single father, a wolf biologist, and he is asking Holly to go away with him for the holidays.

But Holly is held prisoner by a devastating past trauma, and a horrifying secret.  Can she trust David with what is locked away in the farthest recesses of her heart?  In an end the reader will not see coming, paths converge and Angels conspire to offer Holly and David a second chance at love.  But will they take it?

25 Clean-eats Recipes

Eating healthy has never been more delicious.  Forget every myth you've ever heard, that "health food" isn't tasty or filling.  I'm sharing 25 of my most loved (and requested!) recipes --- food so yummy, so gorgeous, so healthy, that it's sexy!  

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Grab your copy and get cookin'!  Friends and family won't believe these delectable dishes are good for you!