Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Congratulations to Gina Gonzales.  I will be contacting you to schedule your session.

As I work with people from all over the world in my prophetic and life coaching ministry, I've been blessed to see so many grow, heal, excel, expand.  I've seen those I work with rebuild their lives, change their circumstances, restore relationships, learn to love themselves, step into their purpose, and take their career and finances to another level.  What a blessing!  Honestly, I've been amazed, but not surprised --- God is powerful!  The Holy Spirit is powerful!  And the angels are always on point.

My friends, I deliberately keep my requested donations incredibly low.  I pray I'll always be able to do that.  Why?  Because I want anyone and everyone who needs my services, to be able to book with me. Still, I'm aware that due to circumstances, not everyone can schedule private time with me.

I want to offer one person a complimentary session, now.  Please accept this session as my gift to you.  Yes, today is my birthday but I have always enjoyed giving gifts to others on my own special day.  My friends, I am filled with so much love… I simply must share it.

If you would like a free session with me, comment your name and email address.  NOTE:  If I do not have your email address, I will not be able to contact you.  How will I choose someone?  I will pray over every single person who emails me, and let the Holy Spirit direct me to the right individual.

GUIDELINE:  I would like to give this session to someone who truly needs it, ideally someone who has never had a session with me before, or has not had a session within the last six months.  Remember to comment your name and email address so I am able to contact you if you are chosen.

Blessings… JoLynne Valerie

Birthday Cookbook Give-Away

***THIS GIVE-AWAY ENDS Friday, November 20, 2015.  So grab your free cookbook by emailing me while you can!  Email link is below.***

Ever since I was a little girl, I've enjoyed giving gifts to those I care about, on my birthday.  When I was in third grade, I gave my school friends pretty gem-stone rings I found at the museum gift shop.  Last year, I spent the day shopping for my children, then I came home and did mini angel readings for fans and friends on social media.

This year, I have something extra special for you.  You see, I've been so blessed, I simply must bless others!  I have so much love inside of me, I simply must let it overflow!  And my friends, you have given me so much love and support, I simply must spoil you!

So this year, I'm giving away a FREE eBook containing 15 of my favorite Clean-Eats recipes.  Yep, I've written a cookbook just for you!  In it, you'll find my favorite go-to salads, soups and smoothies --- the meals I eat frequently to maintain good health, facilitate detox and keep my metabolism functioning well.

Would you like a copy of my Birthday Cookbook?  All you have to do is EMAIL ME HERE.  Your free cookbook will be sent to you in the coming days!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Appointments with JoLynne Valerie

As we move from Autumn or Spring, respectively… (it's been Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring in the Southern Hemisphere), the sheen of our lives often changes.

God works in cycles.  We move from season to season, just as nature does.  What season are you currently in?  What messages does God need you to hear, now?  Have you been receiving your signs?  Do you need intercession, prayer, insight, guidance or a private encounter with a prophetess?

My sessions are tailored to each individual, based upon their individual needs.  It is different for everyone.  Of course, I never use any tools or divination methods; all messages come straight from the Holy Spirit, your angels, and often God Himself.

Choose what works best for you, a Prophetic Session or Intuitive Life Coaching.

PRIVATE PROPHETIC SESSION ~ Includes prayer, healing, personal prophecy.

Your session will be a minimum of 30 minutes but may last as long as 45 minutes, depending upon your needs and the messages that come through.  We will follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit, for your highest good.

Once you have booked your session, you will be contacted via email within 48-72 hours to schedule your appointment.  Every effort will be made to work with your schedule, and you will be offered the earliest appointments available.


Is it time to get your life on track?  Perhaps it's time to affirm that you're walking in Purpose, or according to your Destiny?  Too often, life's trials cause set-backs or self-doubt.  This is natural, but must not last --- those seasons are meant to be temporary.  Personal Intuitive Life Coaching provides insight into your destiny, purpose, and what your next moves should be in order to create and live your best life.

JoLynne has fast gained a reputation for helping clients take their career, finances, relationships, goals and aspirations to the next level.  Among her clients are NYT Best-Selling Authors, doctors, psychologists, CEOs, FEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home-moms and people whose dreams exceed their current circumstances.

Once you have booked your session, you will be contacted via email within 48-72 hours to schedule your appointment.  Every effort will be made to work with your schedule, and you will be offered the earliest appointments available.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Prophetic Ministry

I'm learning a lot about this thing called Prophetic Ministry.  Yes, ministry --- because it's not a hobby or an interest; it's a calling.  And when one devotes oneself properly, it takes over your life.  God won't do things by halves; He's not interested in part of you; God wants all of you --- or nothing at all.

This past year has been… dear Lord, how can I describe it?  Apart from angels beginning to communicate with me two years ago, apart from my prophetic awareness being changed and expanded… this past year has been nothing short of a refining fire.

I've learned that in order to operate within the prophetic, not only do you have to go all in or get out, but you have to step it up --- on all levels.  Certain things are simply no more permissible.  God wants and needs you pure.  Goodbye, cocktails.  Goodbye, swearing.  Goodbye, any self-driven desire.  Oh, God will reward you for your commitment, I've seen that, too.  God will show up and show out in ways that will blow your mind, because He wants to make sure you know He's here, He is God, and He's running this show --- God wants your loyalty and your unwavering respect.)

I found myself changing.  It wasn't a decision, it simply… happened.  I found myself clearly and unmistakably aware of what God expects of me --- and there would be no compromise.  Again, "Get in, kid --- or get out and stay out."  There is a beauty that comes with this life.  There is a daily infusion of awe and wonder… you come to feel and know God in amazing ways.

The prophetic is not the psychic; understand that.  Prophets and Prophetesses walk in the supernatural; there comes an anointing by the Holy Spirit --- and it opens your eyes… that's all I can tell you --- it opens your eyes.  And it changes you.  We do not, will not, and must not engage in any form of divination.  Apart from it being deemed unholy by God, there is no need for divinatory tools --- when God speaks or sends an angel, the messages are very clear.  So, no cards, tools or gadgets of any kind --- and there is no compromise on that.  So if someone ever tells you they've got a message for you, via angel cards, run away from that individual; angels do not speak through cards, EVER.  They never have, and they never will.

As I discover more people like me (a new breed is rising up, just as it was foretold --- Joel 2:28, Acts 2:17) I'm finding that we come from all walks of life.  Some us were once drawn to the occult.  That makes sense; we were gifted, we knew we were different… we were simply trying to find a home.  I know now that just as there are good angels of God, there are also the fallen ones --- and those fallen angels do whatever they can to guide people with prophetic potential into the occult.  It's chilling.  And yes, it's true.  Don't doubt it.  Do not be misled.  If that offends you, I'm sorry --- but you just heard the truth.

Not everyone in the prophetic was raised in church, many of us never went to seminary.  That doesn't mean God can't or won't use us.  God doesn't exclusively call the qualified, God qualifies the people He calls.  So no judgement; remember that.  Only God can judge.  If a prophet/ess once lived another life, please only assess them by their current life, not their past.  Do not judge, lest you be judged (Matthew 7:1).  Besides, you can tell a tree (person) by its' fruit (sheen of their life) --- Luke 6:44, Matthew 7:16.  You will know a person of God by the works, quality and sheen of their current life --- remember that.

How do you know prophetic ministry is for you?  Oh, you know.  An awareness comes upon you unlike anything I can describe.  You're being tapped, you're being called, and you know it.  God will cause signs, wonders, miracles and supernatural awareness.  God will cause you to know beyond a doubt, that you are called.  Just as He will show you with undeniable clarity, what He wants of you.

These days, the messages I receive don't only come from angels.  The Holy Spirit speaks, the Holy Spirit moves, God Himself will speak and make declarations.  I'm aware now of what I can and must do --- God has given me new abilities, new directives.  These abilities have absolutely nothing to do with me!  It's the Holy Spirit, working in me and through me.  I'm just a girl who heard God ask for prophets, and I raised my hand and said, "Send me…" (Isaiah 6:8)  But this work to be done His way, on His terms, according to His directives.

This is a very accurate depiction of angelic PRAISE. 
They are constantly praising God and declaring His plans and promises.

I will give people messages about their past, present and future, but I will also speak LIFE into them.  I will heal the broken, uplift the disillusioned, bring Truth and Light to the dark places.  I will come against demons and cast them down.  I will speak healing, restoration and breakthrough into people's lives.  I know now the power of the Holy Spirit --- there is absolutely nothing that can't be healed, shifted or fixed when we yield to the Holy Spirit!  Yes, literally.

I suppose I always knew my path would bring me right here.  When I was around eight years old, I recall telling my mother that God said He was going to use my life.  I also recall my mother's quizzical expression.  Though we were a (dysfunctional, broken) family of very intuitively gifted women, how can a parent tell when a child is simply being an imaginative child?  Memories I'd long forgotten have come back to me now… I used to sit in my little bedroom for hours on end, looking at pictures of angels and devils in my children's Bible… and I would stare at the depictions of heaven.

God is big.  God thinks big.  God wants to do big things.  There is a plan for this earth.  People see things spinning out of control, and begin to lose hope and panic… DON'T.  God never aborted His original plan for earth; as the prayer says, Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done ON EARTH, as it is in heaven…  It will come to pass.

Friday, October 16, 2015

BITTERSWEET INHERITANCE ~ Ebook { Book 2 in the Andi Cross Series }



Andi Cross has it all  a fantastic job, a gorgeous apartment, a new life in a brand new city.
Best yet, Andi has fallen deeply in love with Cole James, her adoring boyfriend. But Andi is about to learn just how quickly things can change. When a freak accident causes the death of someone close to her, Andi's whole world falls apart. The shell-shocked girl has no time to grieve; Andi's loss turns her into a mother, overnight - something she never saw coming. Andi is young and knows nothing about parenting. Can she do it? Will she manage? As Andi reaches her breaking point, she discovers a strength, deep within. Lost and in her darkest hour, Andi receives inspiration from the most unlikely place --- the heart of a child. What about Andi's relationship with her boyfriend, Cole? Will Andi ever return to being the sweet, carefree woman she once was?  Only time will tell…

CATCH UP… by Reading BOOK 1 In The ANDI CROSS Series!

ORDER YOUR copy of SWEET DESTINY, now!  Print book or eBook, your choice… whatever works best for you.

*** E-BOOK ***


Andi Cross has been contemplating her life.  Andi survived the death of her parents when she was a child.  Now she's all grown up, single, and getting along just fine.  Andi has a good job, good friends, a nice place to live.  Andi is content with her life, but being content is no longer enough.  Suddenly, Andi wants more --- a fresh start, a change, a new beginning.  She's about to get her wish.

When the winds of change begin to blow over Andi's life, a series of chance encounters and serendipitous moments put her in the right place at the right time.  Suddenly, Andi receives the opportunity of a lifetime.

Almost overnight, Andi finds herself in a new city, with a new job, a new life.  

She's happy, ridiculously happy.  Things just keep falling into place... beautifully so.  Then, just when Andi thinks life can't get any better,  she meets someone.  

Enter Cole James.  Handsome, heart of gold, incredibly successful.  The moment Cole lays eyes on Andi, he's smitten.  

A story about finding yourself, creating your best life, and finding love.

A story about the power of our desires.

A story to make you believe in new beginnings and happy endings.

A story to make you believe in sweet destiny.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I will NEVER forget the late winter and early spring months of 2012. I'd been alone at the lakehouse in an attempt to rebuild my life, but what happened was a series of attacks and downfalls -- one after another. My first marriage had failed, putting a strain on my babies. A relationship ended, then my mother passed away. I was left broken, desperately in need of healing, and I knew it. I put everything on hold --- my writing, readings, everything but ME. I made an announcement to readers that I'd write books again once I was in a better place, and I declined every request for readings. Why? Because when you're broken, you have no business trying to inspire or guide others. My stance then, is what it is now: to do my best work (whether writing a book, reading a client or parenting a child), I need to be coming from a place of strength and clarity. 

Back then, I was in a compromised state. But there were two things I was VERY strong and clear on: I wanted ME back. I wanted to regain the career I once had, and go even further. I wanted a home again. I wanted good relationships with my kids again. I wanted to fall in love again… this time with the RIGHT man. 

I realized my current situation was only going to change if I decided to change it. So I decided to be blessed, grateful, optimistic, determined. I decided to be THANKFUL, rather than focusing on all my challenges. I decided to be HAPPY, even though I had plenty to stress about. I understood that I was still alive, still breathing --- so clearly there was still time to recreate my life.

I'd learned, though. I knew I couldn't do it on my own. Oh, I'd managed to create plenty of good things for myself in the past, but none of it had lasted. None of it was what I truly DREAMED OF, deep in my heart. You know what I'm talking about, ladies… that dream we all have in our hearts, of the life we want to live. We can see it so clearly… our home, the way it looks and smells… ourselves, the way we look and feel… the relationship we want to have.

In those days, I wasn't as fragile as I'd been right after my mom had died, but I was weak. I journaled constantly (I can barely read those journals now, the entries are just heartbreaking…) and I spent lots of time in nature. When I wasn't in the woods, I was at the beach. But the highlight of my life each week, was going to church and Bible study. It was truly my only anchor. I clung to God like a baby clings to it's mother… because I wanted that SUPERNATURAL OUTCOME. I wanted that supernatural shift. I wanted my mess to turn into my message, my grief into greatness. I wanted my broken heart to turn into a heart that overflows with love, compassion and kindness. THAT, MY FRIENDS, is something only God can do. No, not the Universe. No, not "Spirit" --- GOD. The CREATOR of the Universe. The one who made it all. The one who knows each one of us intimately, keeps track of our every move, our every thought, our every feeling. I knew if I was going to truly come out of my current situation into all the good things I wanted, God had to take me there. 

I wasn't messing around. I had no more time to waste. I didn't want to try and do things on my own, I wanted results, FAST. My little lakehouse was situated right on the water. I can't tell you how many times I sat on that beach and prayed, right out loud. Sometimes I would walk through the woods, with tears streaming down my face, praying out loud, hoping I didn't run into anyone else who might be walking or hiking that day! I can't tell you how many times I walked as far out into the water as I could go, and just lifted my hands up to heaven and called out to God to help me, restore me, lift me up, bring me back, use me, bless me, heal me. "I'm ready, God, I'm ready!" I said it over and over, day after day, after day… Night after night, after night… I would sit in church services with my notebook and take notes like crazy! I wanted to learn the personality of God, the purpose for this earth, what is expected of me as a child of God, how I could please Him…

Sunrise on the lake...

Deep in the woods across from the lakehouse

In retrospect, my breakthrough didn't take long. I understand now, that had everything to do with the fact that when I told God I was ready, I really WAS ready. (Sometimes we think we're ready for a shift, but we're not. Sometimes we want a shift, but we're not ready or willing to do what it takes. But that's another post for another day…)

That spring Equinox, I felt a literal, physical SHIFT. That day, I felt a weight lift. I remember the day, vividly. It was sunny and mild. There's a springtime smell that comes to the lake -- one I can't describe unless you've been there -- I opened all my windows and let that beautiful fragrant air in… I cleaned the lakehouse with all my natural products and essential oils, and then even though it was only 50 degrees, I put on a bikini and went over to the beach. I remember lying there on my little blanket, soaking up the sun, just basking in the sound of the water and feel of the air. I knew I was being cleansed and healed. I knew something had SHIFTED. I was on the brink of my breakthrough… I could FEEL IT.

That day on the beach… Spring Equinox, 2013.  
My breakthrough was coming… I could feel it.

What happened next was one of the liveliest springs of my life! JoLynne became a very social girl! It just… happened! I always had dinners and parties at the lakehouse, but those increased, big time. I began dating, big time. (I won't clarify it any further, but let's just say, men came out of nowhere! Good men, too! No players! This was really the work of God!) I remember standing in my kitchen one sunny afternoon, drinking wine with a friend… I told her I knew my new husband was close, because the quality of my life had entirely shifted, the level of men attracted to me had shifted. She was excited for me and asked if I thought any of my current "male friends" was THE ONE. I told her nope, but I would know him when I saw him. AND I DID.

On July 13, 2013, I met Jon Whittaker. And I can tell you with honesty, the minute I saw him, I knew there was something about him, I knew he was going to be part of my life. Jon says he had the same experience, EXACTLY, the moment he saw me. But what's funny is, so many women think getting the guy is the end of the story, the happy ending. I can tell you, my story didn't end there, and it's not over yet. Jon coming into my life was instrumental --- for both of us. And as it turned out, he needed me as much as I needed him. But the things we have experienced and achieved since being together, OUTSIDE of our marriage --- are just amazing. More on that another time…

For now I want to leave you with this thought ---- all the good stuff, all the amazing things, that shift you're waiting for, that breakthrough you've been praying for ---- it all begins with the decision to be HAPPY. To be GRATEFUL for what you have, to recognize how BLESSED you really are. Somewhere, there's someone who would gladly trade places with you. Somewhere, there are people who are suffering in ways we can't imagine. Tonight, there are people locked up in prisons and mental institutions. SO BE GRATEFUL, CHOOSE HAPPY --- because truly, can't you see you are blessed??

And finally… if you really want that shift… if you're really ready to go to the next level in your life… if you're tired of hoping and wishing, and trying to finagle every little detail by yourself, LET GOD IN. Invite the God that made you into your life. And then… THEN, my friends --- just watch how you soar!

xoxo I love you all… 

Monday, May 4, 2015

21 Days ~ { The Daniel Fast }

I'm really excited to start another 21-day fast, today.  It's a decision I made in the middle of the night, last night... after thought, prayer and conversation with God.

Please forgive this very raw early-morning selfie, but I just had to share about my fast, and for whatever reason I wanted to be transparent and sort of raw when I did it --- bathrobe, bed-head and all...

I suspect it's because when embarking on an extended fast, things do get raw.  Things do get real.  A few days in, and you're changed.  A week in, you're seeing everything in life differently.  By week two, you find you've got one foot in this world, the other foot in heavenly places...  By week three, you don't want the fast to end.  You're clearer than you've ever been; you're more awake than you've ever been.  You feel... well if I'm being honest, almost ethereal.  That's how Jon put it; he said that first 21-day fast I did changed me in beautiful ways.  I was filled with a peace and serenity that nothing could shake.

But achieving that state is a journey...  To arrive at that destination, you've got to do the work --- spiritual work, that is.  You find yourself taking good, hard looks at your life --- and contemplating the hard stuff, the relevant stuff. Such as?  How can I improve myself?  Am I living up to my full potential?  How can I draw closer to God?  How can I more fully do the will of God for my life?  How can I treat others better?  What in my life needs healing, strengthening, cleansing, development??

When I fast, I normally have one objective, primarily: to heighten my spirituality.  Will I lose a few pounds?  Of course.  Will I detox in the process?  Well, sure.  But to be clear, my primary objective is to go to the next level.  I want to purge habits, behaviors and tendencies that are self destructive.  I want to shed anything that hinders me from going higher.  I want to remove blocks.  I want to establish a more clear and pure connection to God.

Will I be hungry?  Well, I won't let myself starve... but experiencing a level of hunger is part of fasting --- it's all about achieving control over the desires of the flesh.  It's about discipline.  It's about suspending the things that drive us carnally so we can expand spiritually.  And let me tell you, get through 21 days of fasting, and you'll come out disciplined, alright.  You'll come out strong, focused, clear, ready...  Ready for what?  At the very least, to be more fully present in your current life.  At the most, you'll come out ready to go to the next level, to move into a new dimension of your purpose.

Although, I must say... something tells me to have no real expectations.  Something in my spirit says: Suspend what you think is going to happen, JoLynne... even if your expectations are based on past experience.  God can, and often does, reveal new messages, new insights, new experiences, when we fast.

What will I be eating?  Just fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, only.  No coffee, caffeinated tea or alcohol.  Clear and pure fruit juices will be acceptable, but mostly I'll be drinking lemon water and herbal teas.  I'll eat a lot of salads and cooked veggies (broccoli, kale, spinach, cauliflower and butternut squash are my favorite!).  Expect a lot of smoothies, too.  If you'd like to follow along,  you'll be able to find my food pics on Instagram and Twitter.  (I won't inundate Facebook...)

* deep breath *

It's such a beautiful morning.  Balmy, springtime breezes are blowing through my open windows, and I'm blessed by the sound of the rippling lake and birdsong.  Think I'll post this, then make a smoothie.  Love you guys.  Life is beautiful.  Stay grateful today.  Stay strong, and stay in the positive.  Again, I love you.

Feel free to comment any questions about my fast, feel free also to post any prayer requests.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Beautiful creature, you are your own kind of beautiful, and you are here to share that beauty with this ailing world.  You are not here to conform to the expectations of this world, nor are you here to second guess the authenticity, rarity and utter gravity of your beauty.  No darling, you're simply here to SHARE IT.

You'll have to commit to not playing small; that way you'll be sure to rise into the full potential of your beauty.  That way you are certain to never cease wanting to grow into the multi-faceted, multi-talented, multi-accomplished beauty you CAN be.

And don't you dare tone down; not for one moment, don't you dare consider it.  Oh, I know it's less scary if you do; I know you won't intimidate or annoy as many people if you do.  But God didn't create you the magnificently beautiful creature that you are, for you to... simply...  choose a lesser road.  You weren't born to be lesser; you were born a beautiful creature.  And beautiful creature, you were made to DO more; made to SEE more; made to EXPERIENCE more; made to GIVE more.

There will be times and places people will wonder why you're dancing.  They won't be able to hear your music, and they'll say: "Why is she dancing, when the world is so broken??  Why is she shining brilliantly, when the world is so dark??"

Times like those, just smile and keep dancing.
Moments like that, smile, and keep shining.

And in your heart of hearts, KNOW THIS:  the world is less broken, the world is less dark, because of your beauty.

❣  Thank you for reading, as always...  I love you all very much.

xoxo JoLynne

❣  www.ParaGoddess.com  ❣

✰ Fan Fiction Contest! ✰

Do I have any readers in the house?  Anyone who likes to write?  Well sharpen your pencils, and brush up on my characters, because my Fan Fiction Contest is now open!

Fan Fiction is a when a fan of a book and it's characters, writes their own *addition* to the book, or spin-off scene / story.

Well, if you'd like to enter my contest, pick a couple from *one of my novels* and write a scene for them OR write a piece of flash-fiction. FYI: Word count for flash fiction is typically 100-1,000 words.

Go ahead and take your pick, depending on what couple is your favorite:

1. Holly and David from PHOENIX RISING
2. Kasia and Lucas from STRANGE LOVE
3. Kristle and Jensen from GIVE ME A REASON
4. Cami and Paul from GIVE ME A REASON
5. Madison and Jeremy from HOUSE ON THE HILL

1. All entries must be submitted via email to ContactParaGoddess@gmail.com If you inbox your entry to me, it will not be read. For the sake of organization, you must use my biz email.

2. DEADLINE: Midnight on March 15, 2015 (Eastern Time).

3. There will be one WINNER and one RUNNER UP. WINNER will receive a *super loaded* ParaGoddess prize pack. WINNER's PG Romance Fan Fiction will also be featured on my blog. RUNNER UP will receive a truly *loaded* ParaGoddess prize pack.
WINNER and RUNNER UP will be chosen based on originality, literary skill and general appeal.

4. WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time on the night of the SWEET DESTINY Online Release Party. The winner will NOT be announced any other place or time; if you submit to the contest, you MUST be present at the SD Release Party in order to receive the news.

So readers... writers... aspiring writers... fans of the romantic couples in my books, fire up your laptops, break out your typewriters, or sharpen your favorite mechanical pencil! You're invited to hit me with your best shot! What couple will you choose to write about??  I can't wait to read your entries!

Good luck to all who choose to enter!

Questions??  Just ask, in the comments!

Need copies of my books, so you can choose the couple you'd like to write a scene or mini story for?? Grab copies HERE.

xoxo JoLynne 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

✫ PROPHETIC RELEASE ~ February 18, 2015 ✫

God has always used both people and Angels to deliver messages.  Now, in these days of global turmoil and transition, messages from Heaven have never been more relevant.  To that end, prophetic releases are occurring worldwide.  Read on.

✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫

Many instances of spontaneous healing are coming.  Some people will find themselves suddenly healed completely, others will be inspired to take an active hand in their own healing.  To be clear, these healings will occur en masse and have absolutely nothing to do with the medical or pharmaceutical industries.  These healings will take place among people who have suffered from long-time and very serious afflictions.  The Angels say people with serious afflictions are being targeted for this, because when the healing happens, there will be no doubt it's a MIRACLE.

Many people will receive Angelic visitations (both waking and in dreams) in which they will be given specific instructions.  (Bathe in an outdoor spring, begin eating specific types of vegetables and herbs.  THOSE TWO INSTRUCTIONS, SPECIFICALLY, WILL BE GIVEN.)

It is imperative that you understand no affliction or condition is exempt, nothing too difficult --- even the most SERIOUS diseases will be healed.  **If you are one of these cases, your belief PRIOR to the healing is not required.  However, AFTER your healing, you WILL believe in miracles.  There will be no question it was God, touching your life.

✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫

When God's patience runs out, it runs out.  There is a plan to transfer LARGE AMOUNTS OF WEALTH away from corrupt and violent individuals, into the hands of spiritual people who will DO THE RIGHT THING WITH IT.  Believe me when I tell you, the plan is already underway.

Corporations are going to bottom out.  Corrupt leaders (both in all levels of government and in business) are going to be taken out of power.  Organizations are going to crumble.  The irresponsible wealthy are going to receive a life-lesson they'll never forget.  SUBSTANTIAL FUNDS ARE GOING TO BE GIVEN TO PEOPLE WHO CAN BE TRUSTED TO DO THE RIGHT THING WITH IT.

Notice the key words:  DO THE RIGHT THING WITH IT.

Hospitals in 3rd world countries.  Orphanages for children in war-torn areas.  Shelters for infirm and battered individuals.  Programs to heal those who are drug addicted and mentally ill.  Organic food co-ops and gardens.  Homeless shelters.  Communities for people in recovery.  After-school programs for under-privileged children.  Free meal programs.  Mentorship programs for people of all ages.

God is currently identifying people who are capable, proven, responsible, and hungry in their heart to positively impact the world.  IF THAT'S YOU, GET READY.  You may be "tapped".  IT'S ALREADY UNDERWAY.

✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫

Many of you are going to get back time that you lost.  God says many of you are lost in heartache over "wasted years".  Years in the wrong marriages, with the wrong person, in the wrong job, in the wrong part of the country, in the wrong part of the world, pursuing the wrong things.  ANGELS ARE BEING SENT TO GIVE YOU BACK TIME.  Your best days are not behind you; they're still ahead of you --- YOU'RE GOING TO RECEIVE THE GIFT OF TIME.

IF YOU WANT THIS BLESSING, SAY THESE WORDS OUT LOUD:  The rest of my life will be the BEST of my life.  (BELIEVE IT!)

Parents who lost time with children...  Addicts who lost time with family...  Mentally ill who lost time from their lives...  PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE HEALED, RELATIONSHIPS ARE GOING TO BE MENDED --- you're going to get back the time you lost.

✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫

Many of you are going to receive unexpected communications from estranged partners or spouses, expressing the desire to reconcile.  If you are currently estranged, search your heart.  Be ready with your honest response, in order to avoid miscommunications or making a mistake.  For those who have been praying for reconciliation, this may apply to you.

New relationships are going to form.  People will be blessed with soulmate connection, old-school connection.  God has issued orders for the Angels to PAIR PEOPLE UP.  I am 100% serious --- those were the exact words I heard: PAIR PEOPLE UP.

Therefore, Angels are prepping and healing people right now, preparing them for relationships.  When the time is right, a strategic encounter will be arranged.

✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫

The solution to the turmoil and violence we see in the world does NOT like with a human-run government, and it never did.  There exists no world power and no organization capable of solving the world's ills.  Nor will one world power or one organization be allowed to "take over" planet earth.  BELIEVE THAT.  Despite what you're seeing in the media, understand this:  GOD SAYS NO ORGANIZATION IS GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD.  What's going on now is literally no worse than things that have happened in the past --- know that, and stay calm.  Before any real foothold occurs, COMBAT ANGELS WILL STEP IN.  And when that happens, THINGS WILL GET REAL.  To reiterate, no government, only God can transform the world.  How?  His name is the Prince of Peace.  You don't have to believe this, I'm aware many people who read my page have their own spiritual beliefs.  However, I assure you, it is true.  My visions have been detailed, and consistent.  I have seen enough and been privy to enough revelation during my work with the Angels, that I am 100% confident in that statement.  *MORE TO COME, SOON*

✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫

Our current culture of recklessness and promiscuity is being replaced by a new crop of individuals who value morality, tradition, family, and our lands.

This new crop of individuals are going to be fiercely interested in agriculture, horticulture, homemaking arts (hand-made clothing, foods, etc.) and human relationships.

There is going to be a STEEP DECLINE in betrayal, violence, selfishness, immorality, promiscuity, and the like.  People will commit to one another.  Relationships will be respected and valued.   Spouses will no longer model what they saw their parents do, but what they know in their heart to be right.  Parents are choosing to instill old-fashioned morals in their children.

A widespread clarion call has gone out; the Angels have been directing and influencing people in order to effect this change.  WATCH IT HAPPEN.  It's going to happen everywhere.  I don't care what you see NOW; this is GOING TO HAPPEN.  The orders have gone out; Angels are on the ground.

✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫

I could say a lot more, but I actually just deleted two more points, because the Angels say that's more than enough for now.

Blessings to all my readers, near and far.  If any part of this prophetic release touches your life, resonates with you or begins to manifest in your life... I'd love to hear about it.

xoxo JoLynne 

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